Vegetarians would like to see a world where no one eats meat. At least some feminists would like to see a world where men and women are essentially the same except for outward appearance. Conservatives think liberalism is wrong and vice versa.

Many people would like to stamp out capital punishment worldwide. Some people feel that everyone should be nice and politically correct at all times and never be angry or rude. Some people say that no one every should tell a lie; others think lying can be good sometimes. Some people think everyone should be (fill in the religion); on the other side are atheists like us. 

Now, imagine a homogenized world. Everyone under the same laws. Believing the same things. Everyone having exactly the same rights and responsibilities. The same limitations and the same opportunities. And everyone's happy with it, including you.

Standing back from this world, would this be a good world or would there be something fundamentally flawed or wrong or dysfunctional with it?

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Hey, you got three hours, grit your teeth and tough it out --

Sounds like Gene Roddenberry's universe of Star Trek, where money has been replaced by self realization as the motive to excel.

Actually Tony, Maslow says that self actualization is our highest goal - I assume that that and "self realization" are not that far apart.

If someone isn't actualized, are they virtualized? fictionalized?

Or possibly simply "Unseen" --

Couldn't wait just one more hour, could you? The word, "addiction" leaps to mind.

Addiction indeed... and here you are replying to him... :P

Don't they call that codependency?

But you've illustrated my point - the absence of Unseen from this board would seem to be utopia, whereas it's the actual effort I put into running him off, that brings me the most pleasure, pleasure that would be missing if he were to actually leave, much like Wile E. Coyote, chasing the RoadRunner - if he ever caught him, what would he then do with his time?

Learn how to cook Road Runner...

We wouldn't continue to evolve.  Evolution is triggered by necessity, and if all our needs were met, there would only be stagnation.  To change is to survive.

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Sounds much like the forced egalitarianism and thought control of Kurt Vonnegut's story, "Harrison Bergeron" . That , along with " 1984" , Christian heaven and North Korea , are societies I would be anathema to have anything to do with .

 I wonder what all I would achieve not whether or not I would achieve anything. As for other ...I haven't the slightest.


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