Vegetarians would like to see a world where no one eats meat. At least some feminists would like to see a world where men and women are essentially the same except for outward appearance. Conservatives think liberalism is wrong and vice versa.

Many people would like to stamp out capital punishment worldwide. Some people feel that everyone should be nice and politically correct at all times and never be angry or rude. Some people say that no one every should tell a lie; others think lying can be good sometimes. Some people think everyone should be (fill in the religion); on the other side are atheists like us. 

Now, imagine a homogenized world. Everyone under the same laws. Believing the same things. Everyone having exactly the same rights and responsibilities. The same limitations and the same opportunities. And everyone's happy with it, including you.

Standing back from this world, would this be a good world or would there be something fundamentally flawed or wrong or dysfunctional with it?

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A world where everyone is happy?  What more could anyone achieve?

A world where everything is right, perhaps?

The real question Doug, is in such a world, what can ANYone achieve? It has been need, and want, and dissatisfaction that has driven Humankind to do and create and invent great things. Without those, we'd have no motivation, much like a cow in a pasture of green grass, next to a stream.

Need drives the Human Spirit.

Need drives the Human Spirit.

Toward what? isn't happiness pretty much the end game here?

Not really, it's the pursuit of that rainbow that keeps us going.

Yes...says this Epicurist.

Would you rather be an unhappy human, or a happy pig?

So how would you explain the expression of joy as someone being in "hog heaven"?

I can see how the RESPONSE to environmental stimuli might be based on instinct, but I can't equate this to their feelings.

Would you rather be a "human in shite" or a "pig in shite"?

Data seems to have way too much face paint!

Do you mean like a flock of sheep is homogenized? 


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