Hi every one.

My name is Daniel. I Am a 31 year old athiest father of two grils aged (Nearly) 5 and 1.

This is the first Discussion I have started on here and I doubt it will be my last.


I find myself worrying about the fact that a lot of religious groups are brainwashing their children.


I say brain washing as indoctrination is really the same thing in my book but I feat that they may now actually be using brain washing techniques.


Though I have no concrete evidence of this I feel that the video’s posted here are a big hint that we should suspect that this is the truth.


Religious child abuse?

Evolution a myth?

In the news

Islamic brainwashing  

Christian Conditioning


I know these are older clips but they are still relevant to the times we live in.  


My question and there for the topic of this discussion is:


To what lengths do we expect to have to go to in the future to protect our way of life, the future of human evolution and the safety and sanity of our children?

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Daniel, that is super scary stuff. I went through similar things when I was younger as well and I know how powerful of an influence it can be on a young mind.

To address your question, I'm honestly optimistic about the future :)

I'm starting to notice that free thinking people are actually receiving more recognition, gaining more clout in society almost every year.  The advances of science alone are leaving less and less room for god to dwell in and our science and technology are advancing rapidly.  I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that in the next ten to fifteen years religion will lose most of it's foothold in our society, not go away but lose its influence.  You can only smack people in the face with common sense so many times before they wake up or at least consider the idea. The future is bright but that's just my opinion :)

Call it indoctrination, call it brainwashing.. It's very hard to categorize it specifically, other than to say it is totally pernicious, malevolent and disgraceful, that an idiot like that (I think it's Ken Ham, or one of his ilk) is allowed to stuff his beliefs down the throats of impressionable children. I can't say I apportion all the blame on the lecturer either; he's already completely away with the fairies.. he's a certifiable nut in my book...


I think a large portion of the blame should go to the parents, for even taking their children to such a one sided, biased load of unscientific clap-trap. The beauty of science is that as children we DON'T understand half of it, and the joy of experiencing our first understandings of the proper scientific explanation for any subject should never be denied on the premise that a man in the sky did it all, so don't bother looking for the answers in the first place.


I'm on the wrong side of 40, and I STILL make sure I learn something new, in many realms, mainly science, by reading as many different sources as possible and drawing MY conclusions from the evidence presented. The pleasure I get from that "click" when the logic of a theory falls into place is still a wonderful thing.


These Creation museums, and the so-called creation "science" (two words that should have a restraining order between them), are absolutely abhorrent, almost on a par with hell-houses (a concept so disgusting that I''m not going to discuss it it further, or I'll be here ranting for hours!)


We don't teach children mathematics this way, so why science? Can you imagine the difference between "ok kid, here are two apples. If we add two more, that makes four.. do you see why? Play with the apples, see what happens if you take one away, and count them", against the "creationist" mathematical equivalent. "Kid, two apples plus two apples equals four apples.. what do you mean why? Because an invisible man in a 2000 year old book TELLS you they are...you don't need any further information, but you should fall to your knees and babble incoherent gibberish as thanks to him that you now know this valuable information".. That is, in effect, what these places are doing...


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