Sorry to be so morose on a Friday but hey, so is life.


I was thinking it would be interesting to hear what everyone's thoughts were on what your plans are for your physical body after you die. As atheists do you think we should even care? Will you leave it up to your family? For those in the community who are um....numerically advanced, have you already planned for this in your will?  Does it matter?


I'm only 40 but I've already made plans for my body to go as a cadaver for science be it med school or research. After they're done with me, I could care less. Maybe I should have my body put in the ground so I can be returned to the earth ala Neil Degrasse Tyson. In one of my favorite all times quotes from him he said:


I would request that my body, in death, be buried, not cremated, so that the energy content contained within it gets returned to the earth, so that the flora and fauna can dine upon it, just as I've dined on flora and fauna throughout my life


What are you going to do and how does an atheist affect your decision?



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I want to be eaten by South American cannibals, but there's probably some legal impediment to that.  A Viking burial would be pretty awesome, too.  Most likely, I will go with cremation so that I leave a smaller carbon footprint in death than I left in life.  I would like for my ashes to go to the jackasses at West Asset Management so that it can be used to pay off what remains of my crippling student loans.


The only impact my atheism has on this decision is that I wish I did believe in hell so that West Asset Management could go there.  Not the people who work there, the corporation.  Because, if corporations are people, they should be able to be executed by Rick Perry and rot in hell like anyone else.

Traffic is so bad in the DC Metro area – I am going to let my friends and relatives use my body in the passenger seat during carpool hours.

HAHAHAHA! Hell yes! And I drive there often so I know EXACTLY what you mean. 495!!

I am going to look into donating my body to science so I am undecided as of yet.

Do they even dissect meerkats in science class?


As atheist I think we should care because it is a situation people have to deal with. You say you want your body donated to science, so who do you think is going to pick up your body and deliver it to the appropriate persons? Are you just going to leave instructions in your will and hope that people will respect your wishes? If you don't make arrangements chances are you are going to leave this problem with someone you care about. So the question is do want to annoy those who care about you in your death or would you like to do them one last favor by making the arrangements for your own body?

Good points Danny. Yes, I'm planning to leave specific instructions. Do not bury, burn or sacrifice my body! To science I go!

In Australia, I am sending my body to Department of Anatomy, at the University of NSW, for would-be doctors to practice.

The body goes to the local hospital by free ambulance, the hospital rings the University, the University picks up the body. All neat and clean - no ceremony, no burial, and students get to practice. A win-win situation. My father started me on this - and it was a no stress situation. A really big party was had, with all the relatives and friends. It was terrific - no sadness, just really good memories, lots of drinking, and good music, and some fabulous speeches. A good time had by all.

Thousands of Australian do this system. No hassle involved,

Suzanne yes! I did forget to add that I wanted my family to party it up! There's no reason memorials or funerals or whatever as to be a sad or somber event! I would want people's finally memory to be a happy one.

If I die today, I will have no choice they will bury my body in a cemetery.

here in my country, atheists are buried along with muslims!

My body will be a very good fertilizer after all haha!

Would perfer a norse send off with a burning boat and a sword in hand. But there would be legal problems with torching boats and bodies. I don't like the idea of being in dirt (and then peat, coal) until the sun expodes or someone digs me up. I would like a stone sarcophagus. Something that will stand against time a bit better than chemically treated wood.


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