So Jesse Ventura came out as an Atheist. I thought that he always was known as one, but another atheist site got their panties all in an excited bunch. Someone noted that he's a kook, like him or not, and listed the reasons why he's a kook. Thinking that the US has a weather controlling machine in Alaska for example. Link The one that got me to respond was the World Trade Center and that being a controlled demolition. 

I find the argument humorous. You take out a 110 story building with 30 stories on top and how do you expect it to come down? Don't forget that this was an exoskeleton building so the columns would have been pushing as much material to the middle as possible. One guy put up a link to an Architects and Engineers site saying engineers agree with the collapse problem. They claim 1341 engineers have signed on. Only 52 have contributed, but let's accept the 1341 sign on. There are 1.5 million engineers in the US. So your argument is that .000894% of engineers agree (not counting the architects mind you) so it must be a problem? Why don't you believe in creationism then because I'm sure that many "scientists" (general term) also would agree with Young Earth? 

The core point is, why would skeptics buy such outlandish and unsupportable stories? Do they want to believe life is a movie? Does that make life more exciting? How do you come about rejecting God when reputable people all around you claim that he exists yet fall for this type of thing? We could be talking about ghost hunters, I don't care, but nonsensical gibberish in general. I might be able to be sold the story that Kennedy was killed by Sal Giancana due to a biography by his brother. What sort of unsupportable shenanigans do you buy and why? And why do you think that people buy any of these stories? 

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Well Dick* was around. I don't believe it, but with Dick around it gives me a little "hmmmm".

Now who wants to go to "the moon landing is a fake"?

* Cheney
You have that correct, Neal. I can cancel out the conversation about the towers with my brother, but as soon as we switch topics, it invariably is to some other part of the same illness, ie. some type of government/world control conspiracy. At least that's how I've started viewing it. It seems that it is a life based on living in fear......of everything that is "possible". It could be easier than dealing with whatever is really going on in their lives.
yeah...the conspiracy theorys are ridiculous. the only thing our government had to do with it was absolutely nothing. they probably knew it was going to happen but didn't do anything to stop it.
That was great Neal, thank you!
This is how my brother got started was with the Bilderberg Group, etc. Now I find out, our dear Texas governor, charged the tax payers for his trip to visit that very group. I find it all a little out of whack.
The problem is that real conspiracies are rarely as sophisticated or sexy as what most conspiracy theorists claim or imagine. Usually they involve as much coincidence and happenstance as they do intent. It really is just another form of confirmation bias and pattern seeking/anomoly hunting at work, not unlike pareidolia.
Just for clarity and honesty, I'm not an engineer. I'm an inspector of all thing cranes and hoisting. It's entirely about the application of engineering principles and codes, but I'm not licensed as an engineer and I couldn't do the math. It might be like a Physicians Assistant next to a Doctor.

What do you mean AIDS wasn't created in a lab? We all know that it was made by the CIA to take out Castro.
Indeed Adriana, the Chicago Boys went to Chile and Argentina and taught them everything they now know. The Latin American wealthy sons come to Chicago and go to school in the USA these days. The Shock Doctrine sat me on my behind for a few days after I finished it. It was pretty overwhelming.
I think that it has to do with the fact that "wrong" has become a four-letter word in our public discourse.
No one likes to be wrong and people tend to be better at rationalizing their beliefs rather than forming them after rational consideration. Atheists are no different.


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