So Jesse Ventura came out as an Atheist. I thought that he always was known as one, but another atheist site got their panties all in an excited bunch. Someone noted that he's a kook, like him or not, and listed the reasons why he's a kook. Thinking that the US has a weather controlling machine in Alaska for example. Link The one that got me to respond was the World Trade Center and that being a controlled demolition. 

I find the argument humorous. You take out a 110 story building with 30 stories on top and how do you expect it to come down? Don't forget that this was an exoskeleton building so the columns would have been pushing as much material to the middle as possible. One guy put up a link to an Architects and Engineers site saying engineers agree with the collapse problem. They claim 1341 engineers have signed on. Only 52 have contributed, but let's accept the 1341 sign on. There are 1.5 million engineers in the US. So your argument is that .000894% of engineers agree (not counting the architects mind you) so it must be a problem? Why don't you believe in creationism then because I'm sure that many "scientists" (general term) also would agree with Young Earth? 

The core point is, why would skeptics buy such outlandish and unsupportable stories? Do they want to believe life is a movie? Does that make life more exciting? How do you come about rejecting God when reputable people all around you claim that he exists yet fall for this type of thing? We could be talking about ghost hunters, I don't care, but nonsensical gibberish in general. I might be able to be sold the story that Kennedy was killed by Sal Giancana due to a biography by his brother. What sort of unsupportable shenanigans do you buy and why? And why do you think that people buy any of these stories? 

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I am SO FUCKING SICK of hearing about the so called 911 conspiracies. Our government is NOT smart enough to pull off such a stunt. 9 years later and fucking idiots are STILL harping on this shit.

Jesus H. Christ on a unicycle.....
Actually, they're putting about a floor a week on the new site. There was a bunch of red tape and BS at the start but they are moving along nice now.
Nothing on the site - check the water. They made a ship out of the building.
I had to read this to see if you were going to provide any links to help me convince my brother, who is also an atheist, but has gone totally off of the deep end about this controlled demolition shit, that he has lost his fucking mind!!!!! There have to be some references out there I can point out to him, but my problem not being an architect or engineer, is finding them. This has caused more drama in our family than I can stand, and I am literally getting ready to leave town because of it. Any help you've got will be gladly accepted.
Link to Shermer in Scientific American. Him debating an Architect. Another blog by him.
Pictures of a crane that collapsed in Brazil falling directly through the tower, making it fold out, just like WTC towers, and tower cranes are not balanced. It nevertheless fell straight through. If I find more tonight, I'll post them for you Becky.
Thanks Gaytor, I really appreciate this. You will never know how much.
It's almost like my brother has lost all of his skepticism except about the god thing. Since he started living and breathing this 9-11 conspiracy crap, all reason about anything has gone out the window.
It is unfortunate that these lunatics are going on and on about this, especially those who are skeptics.

Personally, I have a lot of questions about the 9/11 attacks that I feel are unanswered, but that does not mean I turn around and go from A to D. Questions are questions, and there are viable answers to them, but I will never get to ask them without sounding like a conspiracy theorist. I would like to talk to a physicist about it, and get answers from him, based in science, rather than make up my own. I lived through that traumatic experience. I don't think it's unreasonable to still have questions and investigate.

Jesse Ventura has been a joke for a long time now. Wasn't he a commentator for the XFL?
Mmm... Conspiracy theorist is a pretty good label. They take their questions and make up the answers by taking illogical leaps. It's sort of the flipside of creationism. I'll roll with deniers though. It's the same behavior- attempting to disprove a proposition, rather than trying to prove one.
Ryan, they are not skeptics, they are deniers.A skeptic will accept a claim with sufficient evidence. Deniers do not care about evidence and will never change their minds. Hence the term "holocaust denial".

But, Greg, Deniers claim to be Skeptics and say that Skeptics are the Deniers. Who to believe?
I can say that I don't understand Tower 7 coming down. I haven't looked into it either.

The Jesse that I remember was very serious.


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