To me the world seems to have lost it's mind. Last few days have looked at pictures of gitmo bay and almost threw up. The dehumanizing of people was beyond words. History talked of hitler and auschwitz. Decades later what I saw in those photos of gitmo made me think of images of the the very humiliation that the United states once fought against. Turkey is burning because of fighting back the government turned on it's own people like a mad dog. here in america we finally start getting rights for LBGT . Along comes salvation army saying that it should be a death sentence. Killing people over religion seems to be on the rise. in india  women are burning for supposed witchcraft and girls killed  being victims of rape . The catholic church is says birth control is wrong . Nuns who argue with church are being excommunicated.  In last political race it was debated whether women had a right to their on viginas .  People are dying world over because of religion and lack of even basic medical and dental care. there is hope for this world right?

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Oh, I think most people would prefer you to leave your underwear on --

I'll second that.

I was flying out of Phoenix once..wearing a tube top, a pair of daisy dukes and flip-flops.

They made me take off my shoes. :/

Two possible explanations -

  • You just caught a foot freak
  • They needed an excuse to keep you there as long as possible, to mentally absorb the essence of your pulchritude for playback at a later time.

It's hard for me to place myself in their frame of mind. Would you possibly be able to post a picture of yourself in this sort of, umm, "wardrobe."

Oh, I'm sure you already have one, I know I do.

I'm just saying.... I spent years traveling the world. The TSA and I aren't exactly friends. 

And he's just saying he's a horndog.

LOL now that's funny

I'd of made you take off the daisy dukes...hahaha

Many of those released have gone back to taking up arms against the west

You mean after being imprisoned for over a decade, tortured (Yes, water boarding is torture. Even the US claims it whenever it is our people being waterboarded rather than us doing it to someone else) and finally released, despite having done nothing wrong in the first place, some of the people who were imprisoned decide to take up arms against the country that did that to them? There's a shocker. This is one reason why treating people in this fashion is bad policy. It creates the very enemies it is trying to combat.

Some of these people may have been neutral towards the US before their imprisonment. They aren't now.

Yes , they , and their fellow islamists took up arms against the West due to grievances about Guantanamo , not because of their religious beliefs . How quaint .
I don't know about you, but if I were captured, imprisoned, tortured and finallly (perhaps a decade later) released, I'd certainly hold a grude against the system that did that to me, regardless of my religious beliefs.
It is certainly possible that some of the detainees were members of more moderate sects of Islam before their detainment and went to more extreme ones afterwards.


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