To me the world seems to have lost it's mind. Last few days have looked at pictures of gitmo bay and almost threw up. The dehumanizing of people was beyond words. History talked of hitler and auschwitz. Decades later what I saw in those photos of gitmo made me think of images of the the very humiliation that the United states once fought against. Turkey is burning because of fighting back the government turned on it's own people like a mad dog. here in america we finally start getting rights for LBGT . Along comes salvation army saying that it should be a death sentence. Killing people over religion seems to be on the rise. in india  women are burning for supposed witchcraft and girls killed  being victims of rape . The catholic church is says birth control is wrong . Nuns who argue with church are being excommunicated.  In last political race it was debated whether women had a right to their on viginas .  People are dying world over because of religion and lack of even basic medical and dental care. there is hope for this world right?

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Ray, of course all religions are absurd.

They also satisfy emotional needs, and as we here on T/A all know, no atheist has any emotional needs.

Get real.

Because they satisfy emotional needs , are you saying people should then believe them ? You're writing , but not really making sense . Please clarify your statement .

The criminal military tyranny over the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Golan Heights -- TODAY.

Droning Afghanistan and Pakistan and Yemen -- TODAY. That list may not be complete.

From the Muslims side volunteer groups of extremists. From the Jewish and Christian side organized government actions far out of proportion to the cause and against tens of millions who were never involved.

Do you not read the news?

Drone strikes are not done under the auspices of religion , they are ostensibly carried out by a secular state .

Ostensible is such a nice word. I completely ignores Bush's claim that he was on a mission from god with his wars of choice.

In case you were off planet the neo-cons who ran the operation were all praise the lord Jews and Christians. The Jewish state was the primary cheerleader for them. Bush was constantly invoking his god in the name of his wars. The silence of Christian religions speaking out against the war was as deafening as the Jewish calls for war.

Instead of ostensibly I suggest using plausibly deniable.

"I trust God speaks through me."
-- George W. Bush --

"Who says I am not under the special protection of God?"
-- Adolph Hitler --

Sorry about that last quotation - those two sound so much alike, I sometimes get them mixed up --

The speed at which western societies are losing rights and freedom shows that the "war on terror" has thus far been a spectacular failure,...

Perhaps the Islamists would view it differently. It's probably a raging success as far as they are concerned, but what's the alternative? Well, apparently it's not to care and pretend like it isn't happening. 

What's the likelihood of that?

About the same or less likelihood that western rednecks are going to stop equating all of Islam with the minority of Islam living the the backwards middle east.

Picture several laughing Islamists, one of them collecting on a bet that they could make western airlines look for bombs in passengers' underwear. That was a cartoon that went around the Web last year.

Who here in the West is designing a system that will find surgically-implanted bombs? After all, the bomb's location won't matter to the bomber.

And that actually started with a joke by the creator of Calvin and Hobbs on The Daily Show. Stewart had him back on and ran the clip. It was just after the "shoe bomber" incident and people had to take off their shoes.

I've always wondered why, if I have to take my shoes off, I can leave my underwear on.

Why could it not have been a woman instead of a man?


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