To me the world seems to have lost it's mind. Last few days have looked at pictures of gitmo bay and almost threw up. The dehumanizing of people was beyond words. History talked of hitler and auschwitz. Decades later what I saw in those photos of gitmo made me think of images of the the very humiliation that the United states once fought against. Turkey is burning because of fighting back the government turned on it's own people like a mad dog. here in america we finally start getting rights for LBGT . Along comes salvation army saying that it should be a death sentence. Killing people over religion seems to be on the rise. in india  women are burning for supposed witchcraft and girls killed  being victims of rape . The catholic church is says birth control is wrong . Nuns who argue with church are being excommunicated.  In last political race it was debated whether women had a right to their on viginas .  People are dying world over because of religion and lack of even basic medical and dental care. there is hope for this world right?

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Riddle me this, Thomas: what causes a roiling motion in a super-heated mass?

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble.,

I'm thinking this might be a good time to tip-toe away and wait for the meds to kick in.

Do what you gotta do.

Always do.

Tom, giving these 30 pages a second read, I ran across your comment above and had to add this:

RE: "I doubt the big bang hypothesis. One reason is that a Catholic priest devised it."

Isaac Newton was a member of the Catholic clergy, should we discount his Laws of Motion for that?

Further, I got what you were saying about artificial gravity, but didn't want to hunt for the last "Reply" button to say so, and knew, even if I found it, my comment wouldn't wind up anywhere near the one of yours to which I was responding. What you were saying, was that rotation of the ship would tend to throw one away from the center, toward the hull, which would then become the "floor" - got it.

Also, no one responded to my question about the swirling motion of a tornado or whirlpool drawing things in, but upon further reflection, that is likely due to differences in atmospheric pressure.

... my question is, is "Dark Energy" really necessary?

From what I gather, most cosmologists say dark energy/matter is required to explain the speed with which galaxies rotate. If it weren't there, they'd simply fly apart according to the laws of Newtonian/Einsteinian physics.

As for the hypothesis that we exist in a black hole (in a singularity, in other words). How could it possibly be verified?

"all objects in the universe are moving away from all other objects (except for those that are gravitationally attracted to each other), isn't their very distance from each other sufficient to assure that they, as distance weakens gravitational attraction, continue to move faster and faster away from each other, and thus account for the expansion of the universe?"

A rocket moves away from the earth. The attraction decreases but the rocket still slows because there is always some attraction. The rate at which is slows constantly decreases. The rocket does not speed up because the attraction is less. Where would the energy come from to make it speed up? If it were found to be speeding up a name for the energy to pull out of a hat might be dark energy.

"...The rate at which it slows constantly decreases."

The formula tells us this happens.

"...Where would the energy come from to make it speed up?"

Not dark energy, but the gravitational attraction of bodies the rocket is approaching.

What the rocket have to do with an expanding universe? If the universe is only earth plus rocket there is nothing to approach.

What do you propose the universe is approaching as it expands? And how do you know?

Faith is not always a bad thing and sometimes it's all you have. 

When we sign a contract with someone, we take on faith that they will uphold their part. Marriage is a contract and, barring evidence to the contrary, one's belief that one's partner isn't cheating is taken on faith.

Thus, "faith" in some of its senses is a synonym for "trust" and you can't live life without trust. Or, to put it another way, is a life with no trust worth living?

We have faith in science for two reasons: 1) it's based on a tried and true methodology and 2) it's self-correcting based on evidence.

Is the BB explanation based on a tried and true methodology?

Wholly or partly?

Will cosmological science self-correct?


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