To me the world seems to have lost it's mind. Last few days have looked at pictures of gitmo bay and almost threw up. The dehumanizing of people was beyond words. History talked of hitler and auschwitz. Decades later what I saw in those photos of gitmo made me think of images of the the very humiliation that the United states once fought against. Turkey is burning because of fighting back the government turned on it's own people like a mad dog. here in america we finally start getting rights for LBGT . Along comes salvation army saying that it should be a death sentence. Killing people over religion seems to be on the rise. in india  women are burning for supposed witchcraft and girls killed  being victims of rape . The catholic church is says birth control is wrong . Nuns who argue with church are being excommunicated.  In last political race it was debated whether women had a right to their on viginas .  People are dying world over because of religion and lack of even basic medical and dental care. there is hope for this world right?

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Nope, it's too late.

In all fairness, it was one guy in the Australian Salvation Army who said gays should be put to death, and he has since been disowned by the organization

my sister in law shares same views . she was a major at the salvation army. If my brother hadn't spoken up for me She would by choice have nothing to do with me. her words I'm already dammed since i'm an atheist.The fact that i'm a bisexual is an aberration unto the lord. her words. She saw my posts about marriage equality. Her counter was when jesus returns all who are not christian will be purged from the earth. perhaps it is only a radical few. That came accross my timeline yesterday. Will check out more in depth.

I agree with most of your assertions , except for Gitmo . The Islamic savages imprisoned at Gitmo are not innocents , and I find offensive your comparison of said incarceration to the death camps at Auschwitz .

Many of those imprisoned in Gitmo were found to have been sold to US forces by local rivals, and had nothing to do with any kinds of crimes, much less terrorism.  Over 80 have been cleared of any crimes (even in the kangaroo court military tribunal system), but are still waiting for release.

The line about Gitmo holding "the worst of the worst" has long been seen for the BS propaganda that it is.  Gitmo, rendition, and 'enhanced interrogation' are examples of both moral degradation and professional incompetence.  What's worse is the knee jerk hyper-patriotism and gutless inability to accept responsibility and end the simple-minded savagery.

I agree that some in Gitmo are worse than others , that , however does not in any way mean the detainees are poor innocent lambs . Being cleared of a crime does not equate to being innocent . Many of those released have gone back to taking up arms against the west . They are fanatical members of the most primitive , mysoginistic , and brutal of the monotheisms . The aim of these maniacs is nothing short of utter devastation and annihilation of Western Culture and civil society . Tiptoe around their savagery if you must , I won't .

Sounds a lot like what Americans said about the Japanese in WW2.

By all means, don't tiptoe around their savagery, but don't lower yourself to their level either. The speed at which western societies are losing rights and freedom shows that the "war on terror" has thus far been a spectacular failure, and that the maniacs are well on the way to winning without having to lift a finger. Fear mongering, which creates places like Gitmo, is doing their job for them.

I agree the war on terror is absurd , however , to deny that Islam doesn't represent a severe threat to western culture is likewise absurd .

@ R. R.;

Hey Ray whadda say you and me grab us a case of Bud, a couple of crowbars, jump in the Ol' 4X4 and go hunt us up some o' dem fucking Rag Heads, and give them savages the Ol' what four?

GrabGrab (tool), a mechanical device

Really Gregg ? Disagreeing with the beliefs of a particularly violent and mysogynistic monotheism equates in your view , to being some sort of redneck idiot ? You give me the awful impression of never having read any point of view that is in disagreement with your own . Ever .

Hey Ray, were you molested by a group of Islamic Terrorists recently or something?

You sure are Jones'en  for a fight with them...why?

You imply the prisoners in Gitmo are "savages" and yet there is no way you can validate your assertion.

You make silly arguments...Everyone in Gitmo deserves to be in Gitmo because they're in Gitmo...Circular argument Ray.

"The aim of these maniacs is nothing short of utter devastation and annihilation of Western Culture and civil society ." opinion without evidence, works the same as
The aim of these Atheists is nothing short of utter devastation and annihilation of Western Culture and civil society...standing on your Bully Pulpit and shouting at the top of your lungs can only sway the weak-minded.

Ray some of these people have been in a prison being tortured for years.  I need a better reason then I don't like your culture and beliefs to lock you up and water-board you for 10 years with no end to your torment in sight.

I guess I'm old fashioned and unwilling to stoop to the level of the current American Leadership and their Gitmo.  My admiration for people like Thomas Jefferson and others of his ilk and intellect might have something to do with my attitude.

I never said I was in agreement with Gitmo . Merely that I didn't believe the detainees were innocent . Are you incapable of reasoned understanding ? Or do your emotions typically overwhelm your capacity for comprehension on a regular basis ? Unbelievable ! By the way , Thomas Jefferson , though a highly intelligent man , kept his own children as slaves . Therefore , using your own unlettered logic , should I now call you a racists , or inhuman ? That's where emotion , unchecked by intellect leads , Gregg . I would urge that you respond with intelligent refutation , rather than primitive emotional urges .


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