World conflict and problems other than Israel-Palestine.

When my friends or intellectuals start up a debate on Israel...I bring up North Korea. When someone apologises for Palestinian terrorism I talk about child soldiers in Africa. When I hear someone defend everything Israel does...I get into ruthless drug cartels in Latin America and their sex-slaves, bullying and assassinations or I bring up death penalties for apostasy and blasphemy in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. When people criticise American aid to Israel I change the topic to Female Genital Mutilation.

It's not that I don't care about the deaths in Palestine and Israel. I sympathise. In the past I spent hours and hours on the topic both in activism and intellectual engagement But I believe that the news space and intellectual air time that this story gets is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion. These other conflicts and problems worry me more. They effect a broader group of people. Their problems are less irreducibly complex. The narratives change. I learn a lot when I read about these problems. I can imagine that at least one of the conflicts I mention will improve dramatically in the next ten years. Discussion about North Korea, Child Soldiery etc. involve less recycled material and less scripted and repeated conversation.

Does anyone else feel that the Israel-Palestine conflict eats up a disproportionate amount of intellectual air time? What other world conflicts or problems greatly concern you? What world conflicts or problems can you envision improving in the next ten years?

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I was unaware Canada had become belligerent.

If there were no humans just imagine how much better off the flora and fauna on this planet would be.

I understand that researchers are studying how flora and fauna communicate.

What do flora (flowers) communicate when fauna (bees) steal their nectar?

And what do fauna say when flora (cactuses) defend themselves?

Flowers and Bees have a symbiotic relationship they cannot survive without each other.

IIRC cacti have evolved their leaves into thorns due to the environment not predation from the fauna.

Is it our lust for profit that makes us so concerned to be a part of the capitalistic globalization of this planet? We continue to plow through our limited finite resources and stay the course for continued dependence on fossil fuels. Access to water becomes an increasing issue as well. Religious and territorial disputes continue to foster further upheaval worldwide. As a civilization we are "missing the boat" or not "seeing the forest, for the trees." 

Our impact on the ecological health of our planet should be priority one, if we care about what the quality of life will be for future generations. The greedy needs of capitalism has spread it's shortsighted tentacles to the furthest reaches of the planet. In it's current form our civilization will not be sustainable and global catastrophe is almost a sure bet. 

I agree wholeheartedly.  The destruction of the ecosystem that is the entire earth is the most pressing problem facing humanity today.  By the time it becomes front page news, I fear that it will be far too late.

And I do agree that the excesses of the desire for profit is the root of the problem.  A sign in the local community in which I live bemoans the EPA and its rules. Such a short sighted view is the problem.  

Global Corporate Capitalization  IS the leading cause of the demise of humankind on this planet. It seems the timeline for this process is getting shorter and shorter everyday. :(

But who's fault is it?

It's ours, religious and non-religious alike, all of us in the industrialized world get some kind of short-term pleasure/benefit from the global economy, short-sighted as it is.

Who's gonna fix it?

Nature, humans won't be missed any more then we currently miss the Neanderthal.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, I see a similarity.

What makes child soldiery (to take an example) OUR business? Of course, we could ask the same about Palestine/Israel.

If you have an answer that makes it our business, then the same sort of logic makes the Congolese people responsible for child prostitution in Cleveland.

We get involved due to alliances and commitments. There really is no other reason. We have no commitments or alliances drawing us into the child soldiery situation.

We can't let ourselves be burdened by all the wrongs in the world or we'd never have a chance to live our own lives.

How valiant of you unseen. If only we could talk about child soldiers and girls with missing vaginas as poetically as you have.

So, how responsible are the Congolese people for child prostitution in Cleveland?

That's like saying "why worry about the homeless when they don't worry about our problems". Such a noble lesson in humanism Unseen. 

If I understand Unseen, what he is saying is that we can't solve all the world's problems.  What happens in Asia or Africa is beyond our resources to control.

We might have a shot at child prostitution in Cleveland.


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