Hi guys, my name is Morgan Matthew. I am the original founder of Think Atheist. I decided to give the site away to focus full time on a company that I am running.

Things have settled down a little with the company and after some deep reflection, I have a new concept in the works that I would like some honest feed back to see if the idea I have is a viable one.

In short, it's a new way to market our free thought ideas in a different light.

Send me a personal PM to learn more.

Thanks so much!


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I'm interested! Do tell!

Different lights sound good.


What wavelengths did you have in mind?

Wow, I am impressed with the interest. I'll update this post with more details soon.

Hi there, Morgan! I try to PM you, but keep getting this silly dialog box.

Just a heads up that I am working out a few bugs on the project. The good news is that it is up and running now and I'll be sure to announce it here when it's close to being done.

So the new site is called:


Please take a look and let me know your thoughts.

Right now, its entirely just select videos that are compelling points.

In the near future I would like to accept anyone that would like to write for Compelling Point to make compelling points haha.

Thanks for your interest!

Sounds interesting.  There is one thing I want to change: I wouldn't like to use my Facebook profile for making comments. 

I'll look into making a more universal account.

Alright, facebook removed.


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