So I am 21 years old and for the first time in my life I have a job! Hooray!
So I started working 2 weeks ago and well, the place is full of religious stuff everywhere.
I work for a nationwide insurance company and they have crosses everywhere, biblical quotes on the walls, and even their card holders is some bible verse.
They have the radio set to the christian radio station and it gets a bit annoying.
How can I deal with this? Well I guess I can't do anything about it...
Well I guess my concern is what do I do if they ever ask me something about religion and I tell them I'm an Atheist? I'm scared I'll get fired for that.
What if I take my "Feminist Atheist" coffee mug to work?!
Have you guys ever dealt with something like this?

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It would be a scary place for me too, since 100% of what is known as Christian is a lie, every thing from the veneration of a T form, which is inpractical since such an instrument would cause the nails to tear through the hands and the body to fall even up to Christ being born during the Winter solstice in tandem with a host of Pagan gods. It is the great Christian lie conjectured by the Emperor Constantine that great Pagan who remain so until his death bed and even then simply converted to the lie that he invent, the Orthodox Roman Church. And this I add as a Christian.

Of course he was allegedly nailed onto the cross through the forearms, between the radius and ulna, not the hands, despite the common depictions otherwise.  That's for the very reason you cited; the nails would rip through the hands with body weight put on them.

I don't know too many well-educated Xians who believe that the birth of Christ was in December; there's zero scriptural evidence for it.  I've even had fundie pastors explain that to me.

If the stress bothers you, leave. I am in mind of a quote from my basic training drill sergeant. "I can't make you do it, but I can make you wish the hell you had".

I'm really sorry, Kari!  I've ''been there'' and my advice would be to work there ONLY as long as it takes to learn enough about the job to give you a good resume when you leave!

Secondly, since you're new on the job, you can bet they'll eventually try sounding you out, to see how religious you are.  My advice there would be to sweetly and FIRMLY say "Sorry...I never discuss religion with anyone!  Thanks for respecting that."  Smile while you say it.  Keep smiling.  And change the subject.

You'll probably have to do it several times but, eventually, they'll get the message out.

This is insane, you have my sympathy!

My view is that as it is not a religious organisation, religion has no place there.  But as far as what to do about it? You have a choice really, but its completely yours. 

You could complain and push for the propagandas removal. this will destroy you relationship with the religious staff but will clear the way for the next people through. If you are subject to bullying or abuse afterwords, I would continue to complain, eventually contact your lawyer if needs be.

You could ignore it and look for another job, though when you leave, please detail to your boss exactly why you quit.

If you choose to complain though, don't go in as an atheist.  Approach the issue as a concerned humanitarian who views the propaganda as offensive towards people of many beliefs, including your own.


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