Now a week removed from the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, Sarah Palin has yet to issue any kind of apology for putting congresswoman Giffords in gunsights. She has remained silent for the most part, and engaged in scrubbing her webpages of the specific items in question, which, in my opinion, for those of you who have read 1984, is a purposeful attempt at doublethink. Fox News has tried to distort the image and change the facts, and pretty soon my guess is that they will claim there never WAS a map, and it was all perpetrated by the sneaky, elitist, Left.


I have taken up the cause of tweeting at Mrs. Palin every day about this issue. I refuse to let the issue die. My Twitter handle is @NewYorkCreator. I am starting a hashtag trending topic #Palindoublethink, which references her abdication of responsibility for inciting violence- the link to Loughner being irrelevant. Please join me.

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I'm way behind the ball on this one, but in my defense I am in Canada and don't actually keep tabs on Palin's website.  What are the 'specific items in question'?

Back in March, Sarah Palin released a .jpg image on her website that identified 20 house Democrats who voted for the Healthcare Bill in districts that supposedly Republicans carry. You can find it by googling "Sarah Palin Hitlist". The map included names of all the representatives, and had gunsights over the specific districts that they represent.


Last week, Gabrielle Giffords was shot by a paranoid schizophrenic, Jared Lee Loughner. There was immediate uproar over Palin's use of the map, echoing the immediate censure that was voiced back in March. Palin's defenders not only refuse to admit that their violent rhetoric had any part to play, but also now refuse to admit that they were gunsights at all, but were rather surveyor symbols. That's basically it in a biased nutshell.

I knew about the shooting but I didn't know about the map.  This is akin to the Canadian political pundit who quipped that someone should take out Julian Assange.  Obviously Palin's use of gun sights was pretty terrible judgement, but then when has Palin ever used reasonable judgement?


I hope Palin can be called to task in actually acknowledging her actions here.  You certainly have the right idea in keeping this issue alive, because the public's memory is sketchy at best.


Just read an interesting op-ed by Frank Rich in the NYT which highlights Palin's crosshairs and "reload" commentary and more.

It's a good op-ed! There is a lot of false-equivalency going around. Tweet it at @SarahPalinUSA. Don't let her live it down. Remember the #TT #Palindoublethink

Ryan, I just wanted to let you know that there is an article about Palin on the Canadian Yahoo site.  I thought you might like the opportunity to comment on it - continuing your quest to be a thorn in her side.
thanks, Heather. Done. I'm having a lot of fun with the hashtag. My Yahoo comment is under the handle Ra.
Got it, and I tried to get your back a little, for what it's worth in the chaos of article comments.


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