Women in the atheism community, or lack thereof

Hello! I am a member of Freethought Fort Wayne, a small but rapidly growing freethought community in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are pleased with our member base, but we are concerned about one thing: we don't have very many women. For the most part, we seem to fit the stereotype of the angry white 30-something male atheist.

Can anyone comment on this? Are women less prone to be atheists, or at least to actively engage in a community of atheists and secular humanists? I'd love to get someone's take on it -- maybe even — GASP — a woman. (-:

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Hi Andy. One thing that's a major problem at least for me is how the site works/looks. This is the only atheist site on the net that actully looks nice! and very uber web2.5. Girls like seeing other girls that joined a site. That's also why I joined. To be honest this site turned me into a atheist. haha. Everyone here has been really nice. Morgan and Ian have been real good guys to talk to. Also I dont feel like im at some trashy site with guys foaming from the mouth... Which is nice. Thats all I got.
Well for me I found the site threw stumble and you know what stood out? Its actually a coherent place to just chat and or read and watch movies. This site is so awesome for me that I even asked morgan to welcome people. I really believe this site will take off one day. We as atheist need to have a place to come together and well talk about ... well anything with a logical mind. I am going to have to agree with kate. Look at most atheist sites. THEY are all hideous. You'll never see me at some crappy looking site. Period. It just has to work... Just like a iphone :P (ok so what im spoiled) haha
Kate and Kirstin,

Thanks for your quick replies, but I must say I'm dismayed, that just sounds like a big commercial for this particular site, when the question I was asking was encompassing the atheist community in general. Do you get paid for this? Why are you trying to promote ThinkAtheist to someoen who is already a member?

Sorry to be so critical, but I get really skeptical about people who are walking advertisements for an online service such as this. I like this site, too, but I don't need it to be constantly reinforced to me.

Ill be honest with you Andy. I have been in a very dark places in my life and when I kinda fell into atheism I kinda saw the light and woke up and it was the most rewarding feeling I have ever felt. To just wake up to know that you only have one life to live and live it to the fullest.

No I do not get paid. I promote this site because well I have prob seen hundreds of other crapy atheists sites and this one seems to be the best suited for me and my agenda which is to let the word be known that it really is ok to be atheist. That's the biggest killer. I will do ALL i can do to promote that simple fact. The best example of our suppression which i am sure you have seen is the removal of the atheist billboards etc...

Trust me I totally understand your viewpoint. But for me its something that is I just have a new passion to do. I am very passionate on everything I do now :)
Andy, my whole family is SUPER theists. I finally came to the conclusion I am going to do something about it. When I 1st joined the site I was lying to myself being kinda mean to people here. Because in reality I was very lonely and maybe even depressed about not having an avenue to well just talk to people about atheism. I was very curious... I also saw the "light" and I am never going back to where I once was (i am still on the fence on what I am going to tell my parents) and hopefully this site will get me over that hurdle one day.

I am going to promote this site just like kirstin said. There are so many people out there like me! (super religious fam but do not have any way to really sway away from the dogma) I am sure of it! It really is ok to be atheist thats the 1st lesson I learned when I really dove into this site.
Hello, I just joined the instant I saw that little blue bird. I am a sucker for cool icons haha. But then I took a look deeper and actually saw some depth and like kate says other girls. I do not think women are less prone to be atheist (which is sad really because I know alot) You may have a point about the 30 something male atheists. I think its what one calls it a sausage fest :P Im pretty sure girls dont like sausage fest sites. I know I would never join one. haha hope that helps.

I think from looking at the antalytics of the site there seems to be a influx from people using the badge's on other web sites like myspace or facebook or meebo. This little badge works wonders.

Visit Think Atheist

Visit Think Atheist
Well I'm only 20. Generation Y atheists are ready to take the wheel! I wouldn't consider myself particularly angry either. Plus I know a few Asian kids who are atheist, they just don't make a point of... well, making a point of it lol
So from my perspective it doesn't seem like we're all 30+ angry white guys haha...
I suppose it may seem that way only because they're the type of people more likely to join a group that's (no offense) not that interesting to most. Most people my age, (unlike myself) don't care enough about religion, or the lack of it, to even discuss it in depth. So many who are actually atheist in thought, aren't so much in public. Women may, for whatever reason, be more likely to fall into this category. I'm guessing they aren't less likely to be atheist, or less likely to be involved in atheism, just less likely to join into a group of atheists that isn't all that appealing for whatever reason.

Hope this is helpful, and hope I wasn't speaking out of place referring to women, it's merely speculation.
I agree with most of what has already been said by the other girls here. Great little chart doone. Most atheist sites I have checked out are mostly just reading and some lame forums. This site is more personal for me. Kinda like a atheist facebook or myspace. (which i done use any more because of drama with other people)
bravo Summer. That is what I would have wrote.

I agree with the Buzz kill point... Which is sad really!!!
None of the women that responded to this post addressed it in any way. They only talked about other things that had nothing to do with the post in question. Sorry ladies... but c'mon... he asked for your insight and you changed the subject.

Anyhow, it might not be that there are fewer female atheists, it's that they typically don't care about atheism. They don't see it as an important issue. They don't pick their friends based on it. Some do, but it's rare. In addition, they may be more rare. I've talked to several female atheists about this and they all say they don't feel that they are rare... but I have come across far fewer female atheists.
"Anyhow, it might not be that there are fewer female atheists, it's that they typically don't care about atheism."

Ouch. I sincerely hope that isn't true.

This could be completely fabricated, but from what I remember from my psychology classes and my gender studies classes, women tend to be less "aggressive" than men and also less outspoken. I realize atheism isn't inherently aggressive, but considering that the majority of people we know are theists, atheism would seem like the more outspoken viewpoint. And taking into consideration the New Atheist movement and lawsuits against the inauguration, it isn't difficult to think atheists, at least some of them, are aggressive.

So if adopting atheistic beliefs could be viewed as aggressive, then joining atheist or humanist communities would be an extra form of aggression and outspokenness that, maybe, many women just don't want to exhibit.

I also remember reading about how women supposedly care more about keeping personal connections with others, which is a big fear everyone has when they decide to come out of the atheist closet. Again, supposedly, women tend to avoid conflict and I figure declaring your disbelief in something your best friend or your neighbor strongly believes in is bound to cause some contention.

And then there's the way many of us were raised, or at least used to be raised. Taught to be rigidly polite, taught not to argue, etc. I think much of that is disappearing, but might still be the case in the 30 somethings.

Again, this could all be total crap. I did say I learned it in college.


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