Women in the atheism community, or lack thereof

Hello! I am a member of Freethought Fort Wayne, a small but rapidly growing freethought community in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We are pleased with our member base, but we are concerned about one thing: we don't have very many women. For the most part, we seem to fit the stereotype of the angry white 30-something male atheist.

Can anyone comment on this? Are women less prone to be atheists, or at least to actively engage in a community of atheists and secular humanists? I'd love to get someone's take on it -- maybe even — GASP — a woman. (-:

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Well, if you go look at my above posts, where I shared a small sample of the kind of nonsense women run into, it may provide some insight. The attitudes of those guys (in the Snip It shots of posts on A|N above) are not far removed from the same misogyny women face from religious misogynists. And it's a turn-off.

Also, women DO get discriminated against in the job market for careers in the sciences. Big time. Even though women were finally admitted to universities and accepted in programs like science or engineering 30 years ago. I was a little kid when that happened for women. But exclusionary attitudes (which really are nothing but attempts to maintain unearned privilege) die hard.

It took 1600 years after the rise of Christianity viz a viz the Roman Catholic Church before women in the US *finally* got the right to vote and retain custody of the children they suffered to bear in the event of a divorce. Divorce was a social taboo into the 1970's; divorced women were denied jobs on grounds of "moral turpitude" when I was a little girl in the 1970's. (and that was for jobs women were allowed to have, like schoolteacher for example)
As a member of both this site and Nexus I can tell you that Jacqueline is not telling the whole story. Very little, if any, of what she is talking about was actually antiwoman. Anyone, including women, who have different views and opinions about being feminist she freaks out on. I am embarrassed, as a very strong and proud woman, of her actions. Give her time, she will do the same here.
This is why I always reserve judgment when given only one side of a story (and sometimes even when given both sides).

What is that saying? There are three sides to every story?
"There's the first side of the story, the second side of the story, the third side of the story...and the truth." Even when we pile all sides into one heap of perspective, it's at most 99% truth! :)
"99.9% Truth! (Some settling may have occurred during shipping. Your purchase of Truth is non-refundable.)"

Exactly! I long ago stopped getting worked up about "he said, she said" events heard second or third hand.
BS. Show that this person was not removed if what you say is true. Why the hell do we blame an entire site because one or two assholes do stuff? It makes no sense. I guess we should all leave Facebook and MySpace. I am sure that there are assholes there.
We have a pretty good mix of males and females here in Dallas / Fort Worth. Meetups groups tend to have a 30/70 to 40/60 mix of female to male and the North Texas church of Freethought is probably closer to 50/50.
I live in Erie, Pennsylvania. If I lives near Texas, I would definitely come :) Pennsylvania is a very religious and socially conservative state. The only places where there are meetups like that are in Philadelphia which is 480 miles southwest of me.

Harrisburg (halfway between where I live and Philadelphia) *might* have atheist meetup groups, but even so, that's a 4 1/2 hr drive across state for me. And with a 15 yr old Ford pick-up truck that is running on used old tires, I don't travel unless it is to cover a story for an article or a book that I am researching facts for, or to speak if my trip and stay is covered.
Probably close to 40/60 at the local meetups here in Atlanta, too. Higher on some weeks, less on others.

And as for the (triply unprintable) 'dressing provocatively' bullshit. I'm assuming that you did point out that that line of talk is no different, substantially, than the reason Islamic conservatives give for the wearing of the burkas, that if men were to see anything but the eyes, they could not control their lusts?

It's a bullshit argument there, and it's a bullshit argument here. If a man cannot control his desires, then it's the man's fault. How the woman is dressed is irrelevant to determining that.


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