Since all members of this group are atheists, and most of us are women, I just wanted to get a feel for what you all think is important about being a female atheist. Or perhaps, what is so important about being female and rejecting religion? I know personally, I have issues with the gender dichotomy which Christianity especially likes to push as the only acceptable way to be; I just feel like it hurts women more than it helps. I'd just like to get some outside views on this if you would all be gracious enough to oblige - and guys, your opinions matter too!

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Congrats and great learning curve. :)

I'd only like to disagree with the last paragraph. Jails too are meeting places, ... charity and churches... I don't believe in their altruism. Their charity is never what it seems... it's marketing (making their pitch) and permanent membership driving. They disguise their intentions, camouflage them as 'charity', and it's at the very core of their dishonesty.


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