Witness Protection? Or Flighty Money Consumption? - You Decide...

Once upon a time there was a woman with children. She was in danger. She had no money, and could barely keep a roof over her head.

The woman happened to know a man. A dangerous man. A criminal. When she realized him for what he was it was too late. He hurt her...badly. He finally landed in prison...

Once upon a time there was a thug. He sold drugs. He made lots...and lots of money. He drove an escalade, and his kids wore the best brand names they made. He too got locked up.

The thug and the criminal became "cellies" they learned each other's secrets. They ran an operation behind the eye of the guards, as they played cards. They made dough as they played dominoes, never to catch attention. They were the richest men in the prison. There they were, kings of the cell block, and runners of the streets.

Then one day, the guards came, and took the criminal away from the thug who taught him how to sell drugs. They said, "We'll give you a place to stay, and a new name, if you just tell us when, where, and for whom it's made, where it's going, and for how much. Hurry up we're about to miss our lunch!

......So the criminal "snitched" on the thug who taught him to sell drugs. He had it made. And when he got out of prison, he bought an escalade.

The woman he raped still wore his scars, and knew he was a free man. She tried to stay hidden, but he had people following her every move. She said, "Detective, I am afraid for my life," and he replied, "Let us know if there's anything we can do, tell us if he "bothers" you. She said, "That won't do!!! If he finds me it will be too late! Help me hide! I can't sleep tonight!" As he says impatiently, "That's all I can do."

So she cried.......she could not get a new name, a new car, a new house, or a new social...she was still broke, and had no one to turn to.

Her stalker had a nice house, a nice car, and even a small amount in his pension! You see, he was able to be given the "Witness Protection.".......So as she fears for her life, he puts his feet up and says, "That's nice."

Why do we pay for a program that benefits 95% criminals?
(Source: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Federal_Witness_Protec...)

Why do we help them because they "snitched" when their own victims barely have enough money to pay the rent?

Is the Witness Protection program a joke? Or does it really catch the "Bad guys?" It's all about drugs, all about money. But what about the victims who are getting NOTHING?

Do you think the snitches need protecting in order to snitch? Is this a program we need to keep playing with?

Witnesses and their families typically get new identities with authentic documentation.[3] The Witness Protection Program has never had a breach of security in which a protected person or family member was harmed.[4] As of 2013, 8,500 witnesses and 9,900 family members have been protected by the U.S. Marshals Service since 1971.[5] According to Gerald Shur, who created the federal program, about "95% of [witnesses in the program] are ... criminals."[4]

The program's operations are kept secret, but a few facts are revealed by the Department of Justice.[3] Witnesses are given 24-hour-a-day security while in a high-threat environment.[4] Money for housing, essentials, and medical care is provided to witnesses.[4] WITSEC also provides job training and employment assistance.[4]

A witness who agrees to testify for the prosecution is generally eligible to join the program.[4] The program is entirely voluntary.[4] Witnesses are permitted to leave the program and return to their original identities at any time, but this is always discouraged by administrators.[4]

End quote:

So what happens to the woman trying to feed her children? When he rolls up in his escalade, and she is once again afraid, where is her protection?

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Law enforcement in area of drugs is a scam. It is there to support and pay hundreds of police officers both at the Federal and State level. The way their performance and importance is judged by the number of arrests and convictions they get. That explains why they are making deals with criminals in order to arrest/convict whoever falls into their clutches. This has led to a very tragic situation. People with no violent history have received lengthy sentences for possessing or distributing marijuana - which should not be illegal.

That also explains why the U.S. has the largest prison population, way above even such populous countries as India or China.

And then there is this whole thing about money. With the super rich hoarding 97% of the capital and the profits, there is hardly anything left for the rest.  Even those who work full time cannot afford to support a half-way decent living.  The hostility toward the working poor has exponentially increased with the help of shameless politicians who have no compunction in siding with the super rich. In a money based political system, they know they can do that and suffer no consequences.

Legalizing drugs will solve 50% of such tragedies. Social policies where people have some kind of a financial support will solve the other half.

I have not seen any initiatives on part of secular humanist to ask for reforming of the money based political system.  We must change that . Only then can we change other policies that now give big tax and other breaks to billionaires who don't need them.


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