Win a free signed copy of Michael Shermer's new book The Believing Brain!!

***UPDATE: The contest is LIVE now. Remember, to enter the contest you must be a member of Think Atheist, you must follow Think Atheist on Twitter, and you must tweet the following: "I'm a member of @ThinkAtheist and I want a copy of @michaelshermer's "The Believing Brain"! #atheism #atheist #skeptic".Your best bet is to copy and paste the tweet (without the quotation marks of course) to ensure that you don't risk not getting your entry counted when it's not just right!

UPDATE: We're seeing some tweets where the hashtags are being changed or left off or just generally seeing tweets that are obvious attempts at an entry in the contest but are different than the actual contest entering tweet. COPY AND PASTE THE TWEET TO ENSURE YOUR ENTRY IS COUNTED. DON'T CHANGE IT.

Alright, we're at the point now where we can start to release the details of the contest we're running whereby 3 (three) Think Atheist members will win a signed copy of Dr. Michael Shermer's new book The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies-- How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths (Amazon US, Amazon UK, B&N).


Here are the details:

1) The contest is open only to Think Atheist members so if you're reading this and you're not already a member join now! In order to enter you must have a Twitter account as well. Create one now so that you're prepared ahead of time for the contest. 


2) The contest will be held 12AM Friday June 17th to 12PM Sunday June 19th. (All times are Eastern US. Here's a timezone converter for those in other timezones around the world.)


3) You will be considered to have entered the contest when you take to Twitter between the hours of 12AM Friday June 17th and 12PM Sunday June 19th to follow Think Atheist on Twitter and tweet a specific phrase. This page will be updated Friday night with the specific phrase that will need to be tweeted. It does no good to attempt, on the basis of our recent contest/promotion, to try to guess the phrase as tweets sent before the contest won't be counted. Having said that, if you'd like to follow Think Atheist on Twitter ahead of time there's no problem whatsoever in your doing so. ***UPDATE: The tweet is "I'm a member of @ThinkAtheist and I want a copy of @michaelshermer's "The Believing Brain"! #atheism #atheist #skeptic". Copy and paste it so you don't risk tweeting the wrong tweet! (Bear in mind that protected Twitter accounts may not be visible to us as we track entries)


4) At the conclusion of the contest we will randomly draw 3 numbers corresponding to 3 entrants. Winners will be announced on the Think Atheist Radio Show on June 19th beginning at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern*. Make sure you tune in to the show Sunday June 19th to see if you've won! Winners must contact us within 24 hours of the announcement to be eligible to receive their prize.** Upon verification of their membership with Think Atheist and that they're Twitter followers of Think Atheist we will take the winner's mailing address for shipment of the book and forward it to the publisher. All costs of shipping the book will be handled by the publisher, whether the winner is within or without the US. 


So there you go everyone! Sign up for TA. Create your Twitter profile. Get ready!


*Should any of the chosen entrants not be verified Think Atheist members and followers of Think Atheist on Twitter we will then randomly select another entrant. This will continue until such time as we have verified Think Atheist members/Twitter followers as winners. (So, again, if you're not a member now, JOIN!)

**Should a winner fail to contact us within 24 hours of being notified they will be deemed to have forfeited the prize and another entrant will be randomly drawn. This will continue until we have 3 verified Think Atheist members/Twitter followers who respond to claim their prize within 24 hours.


Here's some information about the book including a synopsis. 

Here's an excerpt from the book

Some reviews...

And here a video of Dr. Shermer discussing how we form beliefs, explaining the central concepts of the book:

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I'm hard of hearing. The Think Atheist radio show is almost unintelligible to me.

Do I have to listen to the radio show to find out if I have won or not? How will I know?

So I tweeted, but I don't understand how my tweet is tied to my TA account.
Just a bit thick, sorry.
Sorry, as a career computer guy, I assumed the process would somehow have been automated. But let me pose this: say my Twitter account was @Konga285 - a perfectly reasonable thing I might want to do. If @Konga285 won the draw, whom would you contact?
Oh wait. I think I see. You would contact the winners through Twitter. Uh-oh. I don't know what it means to "receive" a tweet - seriously. Where would I look?
When I was 8, I took apart my Dad's alarm clock to see how it worked. When I was 16 I took apart my brother's Pontiac. I'm 66 and nothing's changed.
Thanks for your time.
BTW, I just replied to an article in the NYTimes about privacy. I suggested that people complain to the organizers of any on-line facility which required or assumed membership in privacy-destroying social networking sites. This is NOT a complaint - just disclosure. :-)
It took me five tweets to get my entry right.  I'm a college graduate, but I found the instructions somewhat confusing.  I hope that the fifth time is the charm.

The only thing I can think of is that when I tweeted the phrase, the link did not appear as a link.


Nelson, can we tweet more than once and does that effect our chances of winning?

Nelson,  the real reason I had trouble was I had temporarily forgotten how to cut and paste.  This is really weird because I once had a job where had to cut and paste all the time.  This is what might happen to you when you get as old as I.  Fortunately the Alzheimer's did not last, and I remembered everything was under the Edit icon in Windows.  So, I did the highlighting, cutting and paste in quick time.  I know that I now have a real entry.
Uh.. It seems ten people were notified of winning, unless I am mistaken. Are seven extra copies available, did someone make a mistake, am I just an idiot, or unknown option d?
I don't know... I was one of the winners announced, so I really hope some additional copies were made available.
That's incredibly nice of him. Nelson, how to I send information to you?



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