So it's been announced that Stem Cell therapy is believed to have cured a case of AIDS. It's a great story on it's own, but then I saw a second story on Stem Cells about the creation of organs and how it's becoming more of a reality. Certainly the Jehovah's Witnesses won't take part in it because of their aversion to "eating" flesh. But the implications on regular Evangelical Christians started to hit me. Normally you could take Adult Stem Cells from yourself and "culture" them to the organ that you need (elementary understanding). I have to create a strange scenario, but if faced with the need to create an organ from Embryonic Stem Cells, due to say a genetic defect, would an Evangelical or Catholic be accepted in their church if they chose to destroy an embryo to protect their own life? Given medicine and the unbelievable combination of circumstances, this will come up. 

So what do you think the take is going to be from the fundies when that bridge has to be crossed? I think that they'll have to protect the life with eyes that are filled with tears and frankly, their argument of life beginning at conception will begin to fully unravel as everyone accepts the reality that these blastocysts can be used to save lives. The "life" of the blastocysts will forever be devalued, and the Abortion Debate will move to the fringes.    

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I doubt the abortion debate will ever go away, even if they accepted the use of stem cells. I'm sure they'd be capable of drawing a convenient little line between the use of stem cells and abortions, when they're reaping the benefits. Abortion in their eyes benefits only the mother - she has an abortion and can go out and live foot-loose and fancy-free. Afterall they manage to negate that whole sabbath thing for their own benefit of double time.

I think they'll be used--at first it'll just be swept under the rug, then later, it'll likely be seen as "sacrifice" of one human being to save the life of another, much more important human being(such as a rich person or pastor or pastor's wife).

Fetuses are important but not as important as the christians.

It could also go the other way, with people bombing clinics that legitimately are used to save lives and cure people, because they are seen as "unnaturally going against god's plan" by choosing to get treatment for diseases that cut lives short.


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