Will my Flying Spaghetti Monster Emblem 'out' me?

'Sup TAtheists? Need some advice. Here's the deal: I'm in the closet at work because I've got enough prejudice to handle as it is and some people do suck quite a bit around these parts.

I've wanted a Darwin Fish car emblem since I first saw one but figured that would get my car keyed and draw attention that may reach the roomer mills at work. Additionally, it would make me rather glum to find my Darwin Fish de-footed.  So, I went with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which I think is hilarious and whimsical--perfect for me!

The pressing question: do you think the Flying Spaghetti Monster is recognizable outside of the free-thinking community?  It does say FSM on it...so it could be googled.


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Nice. Ironic too, wearing that on just one religion's day of worship.

An FSM emblem does not necessarily mean you're an atheist. It means you have a sense of humor. Most people don't even know what FSM stands for. I think you're alright.

I used to hang out with a very mixed group of Libertarians.  Some were VERY Christian.  Anyhow the non Christians knew that I had nicknamed my truck "The Antichrist" (after the land rover in "The Gods Must Be Crazy"), but one time I let the name drop in front of some of the Christians--and their kids.  I was mortified for a split second, but they busted out laughing, teasing their kids telling them to stay away from the evil truck.

I have this Linux magnet on the back of my car. It confuses people. Christians tend to think I'm sending some kind of Christian-themed computer geek message. Atheists think I'm making fun of Christians. Depending on the situation, when asked, I may smile, shrug, and shake my head. Or I'll explain everything.

But if you're concerned about the impact of making an overt statement, then go for the subversive, the irreverent, or the just plain bizarre. Sometimes the best way to make fun of people is behind their back.

I think the fish with legs and the dead fish will cause some outrage amongst some christians because the message is easy to understand.

You're probably right, Teri. There are lots of other options to choose from, though.

If not the Knights Templar then perhaps the Knights Tartar.

Hahaha that's brilliant. I like that one.

They are great. Now I have to buy an old beater junk car just to display ALL of THEM!

I learned back in high school there is great freedom in driving a car that is so far gone that you don't really care what happens to it.

When I'm... when I'm...when I'm cleaning Windows...

The purpose of displaying the emblem is pride in your belief. Better to save  your money and spend it on a dictionary to keep by your computer. roomer mills???????


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