Will my Flying Spaghetti Monster Emblem 'out' me?

'Sup TAtheists? Need some advice. Here's the deal: I'm in the closet at work because I've got enough prejudice to handle as it is and some people do suck quite a bit around these parts.

I've wanted a Darwin Fish car emblem since I first saw one but figured that would get my car keyed and draw attention that may reach the roomer mills at work. Additionally, it would make me rather glum to find my Darwin Fish de-footed.  So, I went with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which I think is hilarious and whimsical--perfect for me!

The pressing question: do you think the Flying Spaghetti Monster is recognizable outside of the free-thinking community?  It does say FSM on it...so it could be googled.


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Yeah, lots of people know about that. The best thing to do if you want to stay incognito is to have nothing at all on your car. Some churches will even show the atheist symbols to their congregations. And, a curious person can always Google what it means.

Shit. I would never have guessed. Why do they show atheist symbols? That is sort of weird.

So they can reach out, find us and love us back into the fold?

It takes only one of the bigoted type recognizing the symbol and talking to land you in a world of hurt if you are in the sort of area where Xians gang up on unbelievers.

If you want to stay undercover, then stay undercover, for NoGod's sake.  If you've just got to have some sort of emblem as a yell of defiance, post it in your house.

You only live once, go for the gusto!

Doug, are you part time earning $7/hr? I need that promotion like a human being needs a living wage. No offense.

Nah, I work for a non-profit that's lost its funding.

Could you make the F look like and E? Say it means Enhanced Spaghetti Man, perhaps? Could be fun playing innocent or naive about it. I just love pasta, and want the world to know.

I do have a Darwin emblem on my car.  I did not put an FSM one on my car for the very same reasons you cited.  I did, however, tell people all about it, providing education about what the satire is about along the way.  It did start some troubles at work, and I eventually had to tell some folks that I would no longer be able to talk about religion with them because I didn't want to offend them.  The truth was they were harassing me.

It's a tough call.  People need to be challenged and made to think, but how much do we want to deal with in the process?  And they talk about being persecuted!

Poor widdow kwischen, having to actually think once in a while and sometimes see people who awent kwischen!  Waaaaaaah!

(no sympathy for "persecuted" Christians here, dickheads....)

I used to work for a very religious manager. She would pray when she got to work. She would pray before going to meetings. She would pray before every meal.

One day the whole group was going to lunch and she saw the FSM on the back of my car. She didn't speak to me the rest of the day. After that she barely even made eye contact.

A little while after that she had a serious medical problem that forced her to leave the company. She prayed about that too.

Proof of the mighty FSM!


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