Will my Flying Spaghetti Monster Emblem 'out' me?

'Sup TAtheists? Need some advice. Here's the deal: I'm in the closet at work because I've got enough prejudice to handle as it is and some people do suck quite a bit around these parts.

I've wanted a Darwin Fish car emblem since I first saw one but figured that would get my car keyed and draw attention that may reach the roomer mills at work. Additionally, it would make me rather glum to find my Darwin Fish de-footed.  So, I went with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which I think is hilarious and whimsical--perfect for me!

The pressing question: do you think the Flying Spaghetti Monster is recognizable outside of the free-thinking community?  It does say FSM on it...so it could be googled.


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lol, Thou shalt not rank other Pasta above me.

If people at work see your car enough to notice I would remove it. We should not have to deal with discrimination but the reality is we live in THAT world. You need your job. There is no shame in that. If you want to "spread the news":-)  start with your friends. It will make for enough lively conversations.

With the greatest of respect... grow a pair! It's not like you have a sign that says "fuck jesus" or something. It's the fsm, this is very mild stuff.

It's not that easy. It may bring up awkward questions which then may lead to his atheism being outed which could then lead to harassment and/or loss of his job. It's happened before, and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens again. 

I also want to put the FSM on my car but decided against it... *sigh* people suck.

Can't always generalize to that extent. What if a whole family's lifestyle is at stake?

But as far as pairs grow, I do have an FSM screensaver that raises eyebrows in the coffee shops. So yeah, it can work for some people, but not all.

I have a pair--of ovaries. :-) I'm female but that's no biggie.

In a way FSM very playfully does say fuck you to God, Jesus and That Other One.  Besides, its not like Chistians are known for being overly sensitive and having a persecution complex, or anything.  

what city/town do you live in that the people would key your car for having Atheistic car stickers.

South of Cincinnati, Ohio in the vicinity of The Creation Museum and the future home of a Noah's Ark Water Park, if rumors are to be believed.  Northern Kentucky is a curious mix of modern and conservative.

Noah's Ark Water Park?  That's hysterically funny.  God gets enraged with humanity for its sinfulness and drowns 99% of it and they give it a theme park?  I think that beats my chocolate Jesus fish, hands down!

Down here, y'all we got the CKC. Car Keying Christians

At least you'd have the consolation of knowing you got keyed by someone who actually knew why they were keying your car.

One time I arrived at a hotel to find that three guests were pulling trailers of one sort or another and had parked so as to take up five spaces apiece (I am not blaming them for this).  There were NO open parking spots, not even on the far end of the parking lot.  The hotel management told me to go ahead and take a handicap spot; it was late and I was probably the last arrival that night.

Some sanctimonious asshole keyed my car that night, apparently deciding I was some sort of pig for parking in a handicap spot.

I have a T-shirt that reads "Does you religion ever make you a bigot?". I only wear it on a Sunday though.


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