Will LGBT People Be Absent In The Near Future?

****Edit: I wrote this when I was feeling depressed and I realize my error of over-generalizing my statements!****

It is undeniable that if progress continues as it has been, in the next 10 years, our world will look very different compared to now. As we speak, there are a whole bunch of scientists world-wide, doing multitudes of experiments to give more knowledge and better technology to our world.

LGBT(Q) People

To start off, I do not go by a specific label, but I still consider myself apart of this group. Although, in my opinion, "Gay Rights" should really be apart of "Civil Rights" as the former implies a distinct separation between gay and straight people. LGBT people have gained a strong political platform, but I disagree with the statement that "we are born gay". Ever since I discovered I had feelings for the same-sex when 15 years-old, I never settled well with "we're born that way". I believe that genes play an important role, yet it doesn't fully define our sexual orientation. Sexual orientation can be discovered at a very young age, yet I still believe that it is a developing process that eventually becomes ingrained, in most cases. No one is born either gay, straight, or bi as people do not develop much, sexually, until puberty hits.

Despite what many LGBT people and others think about sexual orientation, there is very little science backing their statements. Also, we have to mention that there are still many LGBT people, including myself, struggling with coming to terms with our own gender and orientation, even with general social progress. Then there are many religious groups who are working to "correct" homosexuality, further increasing the pressure. There are even a few secular groups who work to "help" people struggling with their orientation. There has been much self-denial, depression, self-harm, and suicide-attempts because of attraction to the same-sex. I've even experienced, personally, what I've mentioned in the former sentence, as for many, if not, most of us, are caused much stressed in a variety of ways because of our orientation/gender. I want to be hopeful that one day, it simply won't matter, but I see there is a different trend at work.

Scientists are already to manipulate the sexual behavior of animals like rats. They have been able to change what we consider love and affection in these animals. In society, there are many concerns regarding paraphilia and you can bet scientists are looking for a way to correct it which can prevent rape, child-rape, incest, and bestiality. Even though homosexuality has slowly become more socially acceptable, many people still find it to be an abnormality. Many LGBT people who haven't come to terms will say that if there was an option to change their feelings, they would. I'm proud of those who have already come to terms with it, but I believe there are many more struggling quietly.

Maybe in the near future, say several decades or, at most, a couple of centuries, scientists find a way to make anyone attracted to the opposite-sex. Many LGBT people today observe their pre-dominantly heterosexual environment and wish to have an opposite sex partner with children as well. If the science prevails with an undeniable solution, who would deny it, besides those who have already come to terms with their feelings? If I were presented with that solution, I'd feel that life would be much easier, but I also worry that I'd be submitting myself to the notion that "heterosexuality is superior" and it isn't inherently superior. No one ever says "I want a gay child". They will either wish for a straight one or just accept the person that their child becomes. Who would complain about a purely heterosexual environment if there was really a way to change all other attractions that typically create dysfunctional connections in our society? If such a solution came to be, LGBT people, as we know them, would eventually be bred out of existence.

I've been thinking about this for a long time. I AM NOT saying that LGBT people SHOULD be bred out of existence, but who would resist a passive solution that doesn't require self-denial? There also wouldn't be nearly as many family related complications regarding sexuality.

What do you guys think about this, have you thought about this, and what do you think about the future of LGBT people?



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Hi Ari,

You would be able to judge better than me but with many of my gay friends I get the impression that being gay is not an addition or supplement to their personality that could be removed if only the scientists knew how but that it is an integral part of who they are.

My daughter was born with a hemangioma (a form of benign tumour) on her head. It will recede and disappear when she is around the age of four. When it does so I am confident that her personality and who she is will not be in any way affected by this. I do not believe (I may be wrong) that the "removal" of homosexual attraction is the same. For me, it does not skim something off the surface of someone's personality. It is more embedded than that. I'm not saying it's not possible - I don't know that - just that, for me, we should embrace and celebrate diversity.

I hope that the future of LGBT people is that the tolerance we have seen develop in our lifetime will continue to grow and eventually someone's sexuality will be no more controversial than which type of cheese they prefer.

I think this discussion can even go further. If someday it gets to the point that people can choose which traits their progeny will have, many things could change. Skin tone, eye colour, hair type, not just sexuality. Many human traits could be bred out of existence. And as genetic diversity is one of the things that keeps us going as a species, it could very well endanger all human race, in the long run.

I don't think anything will ever be bred out of existence anymore. Someone, somewhere will save a vial of that blue eye, black, gay, jewish, midget cum. And it'll go for millions. There'll be a whole market for near-extinct traits.

And if LGBT people ever go extinct it'll be because we'll just call them "people." Like it fucking should be.

I agree

I would argue that being able to select our own genes, etc will lead to an increase in diversity over time.  Not a decrease.

How many people do you think would like to modify their body in some way if they could?  For example, unusual hair colors.  That could become the norm.

This isn't even getting started on the furries.

Thanks for starting this topic Ari. SO MUCH to talk about.

No one is born either gay, straight, or bi

You are right. We are all born as humans with one, both or no genitals. Only this is certain. In any case, when someone claims they were born gay I think many of them truly believe that there was nothing that could have happened as they grew up that would have resulted in them being attracted to the opposite sex. Perhaps that's the case or maybe not. What they are really doing is taking a defensive posture towards those who say it's "a choice". As in they never once in their life said "I will only like men...decision made". Many gay people force themselves to have hetero-experiences (experimenting, forcing themselves, trying to "chose") hurting themselves and others in the process (sometimes a traumatizing experience). Meaning (in their mind) no matter what I tried or wanted...this is the way I ended up and I will never like women/men. Nothing will change that. It wasn't a choice so fuck off! This is not so different to "I was born this way" but you are right...it's not that simple either.

If such a solution came to be...

Solution to what? There isn't a problem for many gay people, their friends nor with their families. For perhaps the first time ever in history...at least in Western Europe and parts of countries of the Western World. Most accept that homosexuality is not a dysfunction, that homosexuals live (besides who their partners are) totally average lives, are content, do not disrupt society and face no disadvantages (except slowly disappearing social prejudice). There are thousands of gay men who couldn't be happier and wouldn't take a straight pill if you paid them to. Being gay is not the same as having crippling birth defects or serious mental or psychological problems. There are parents who refuse to have an abortion even though they know their child will be seriously mentally retarded or will die of a failing heart in a year. Why would they abort or genetically alter their foetus because they have a child whose only problem is being forced to face diminishing prejudice? I understand that many parents would either abort or accept genetic engineering in the future if they knew their child would be gay...but I highly doubt it would be so prevalent or standard (unless a totalitarian system was in place) that LGBT people would disappear. I bloody well hope not. What a loss it would be.

Ari, I agreed with almost everything you've said and never thought for a second you equated gay with dysfunction. I only wanted to point out that "I was born gay" is not always an emphatic statement that "gay=having gay gene" but is also a defensive posture to those who emphatically say "it's a choice". And that I don't  believe that LGBT would be wiped out once we obtain a highly sophisticated level of genetic manipulation (as long as we keep living in an open society). I wouldn't take it as a personal insult if parents made that choice...it would just be a rather sad one.

How's university going?

Ugh. Possible first University crush. You're making me more and more jealous Ari :) :) :)

Davis, I'm going back to school and in class with a bunch of 20 year Olds, it's never too late!!!! LOL!!!!! College is more fun the second time around. I think....the first time was fun....but I like having the PhD in Hard Knocks along with it....it adds something that I can't quite put my finger on!....
I love this topic Ari and I applaud you for posing the questions...

I know a lot of girls who dated guys (a lot of guys) all throughout high school...when I moved back home after college I found out that these girls were lesbians. I would not have ever guessed they would be. I have to admit it seems that they "became gay" because of their horrible experiences with men...they tried it with a girl, liked it, and DID "choose" to be gay. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

I think gay/lesbian is something on a spectrum, from the people who are "born" like that to the people who "choose" to be that way...it really doesn't matter where you fall on the spectrum. your personhood, your civil rights and dignity should always be respected. If people don't respect you for who you are, no matter how you arrived at the conclusion of who you are, then those people do not have the right to be in your life or make any demands of you. They are not worth your time, effort or tears. This goes for friends, family, acquaintances, even co-workers. If you are mistreated, you do not have to tolerate it. People DO listen when you start getting in their faces and saying "this is who I am, so get used to it!!!" LOL!! "Get used to it, or fuck off because I don't need you anyway!".....It is painful when you feel rejection from family, just remember that just because someone is family, doesn't give them the right to disrespect you.

The good news is that you can choose your family :)

+1 for Belle



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