As Mubarak finally stepped down in Egypt there is a clear void in goverment, just like in the French Revolution. But as we all know in French Revolution a man called Robespierre came to power and the sh*t hit the fan

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Reign of Terror


Mubarak steppes

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But Islamic countries are in 'middle ages' so it is relevant.

And I used Robespierre as symbolism because I am aware that he was against religious fundamentalism, but just imagine the opposite like in Iran.


In a generation or two from now, we'll wonder loudly, with our power of hindsight, how we didn't see any of it coming.

Army and protesters disagree over Egypt's path to democracy@Guardia...


The Muslim Brotherhood, the banned Islamist group that has been the target of military tribunals aimed at suppressing it, sought to allay fears that it will attempt to take power. It said it would not be running a candidate in presidential elections and would not seek to win a majority in parliament. It also offered unusual support for the military council.


I get this feeling that you are preachingh my own history to me, and many versions of it. This one is official history, and probably has nothing to do with reality.

Also Tito wasn't really a communist, they had a democratic (irony?) vote if they are going to be democratic or socialist state and by one vote the socialism won. There is also an antisemitic (catholic?) conspiracy theory that the original Tito died in a war and was replaces by a russian Jew spy.

Also my two uncles were army high officers in Yugoslavian Royal Naval Army serving on Krim (Russia) and they to this day live in Argentina because they didn't want to have nothing to with our crazy country any more.

Tito also killed a lot of people but we are learnig about this only now.

To be honest, when we were Kingdom less people died, to this day I'm somewhat of a romantic royalist painfully aware that this is not possible any more :(

Yeah optimist are romantic thinking that every revolution is gonna be an american revolution. Go figure. I am a proud sceptic, cynic and pessimist (psychological problems caused by war and other stuff).

Lets not speculate. That's Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni's role. 


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