Will A Climate Catastrophe Improve the Human Gene Pool?

Some of us will be more adversely affected than others of us.

How can the survivors not be more "fit"?

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Nicolas Taleb discusses something quite similar to this in his book "Black Swan" which is a fabulous read. He discusses the faulty idea that those who survive a disaster are stronger and more apt to survive and adapt. That makes sense over a lot of generations but it doesn't in the here and now.

Those who survive a climate disaster over a couple generations are obviously the ones who were either tougher, prepared, had the social skills and survival skills to survive and a mountain of luck. That doesn't mean that they are the most equipped to deal with what is to come....it means they made it through round one..and they are not tougher for the experience, they have have gained new skills and insight but if anything they have been weakened by the crisis. It's impossible to tell if those are the ones (or their kids) will make it through the next round or not.

Ten rats are placed in a barrel of depleted uranium and after a month they are taken out. The ones who survive were the toughest and are now tougher. They will be the best equipped to handle round two. Only they wont.  They are full of radiation poisoning and some rats who don't have blood poisoning may do better in the next round. They may have gained some knowledge from the experience that may come in handy, but they have been seriously weakened.

How this works out over an ever worsening hostile world is beyond  prediction and it's not always the case that the people who made it to the end, are the people with better genes than when the whole disaster began. So many unknown unknows that are unknown

That was part of my point that the mutations/genes that allowed the survival might have been there for millions or even billions of years...and all the disaster does it wipe out the genes that are left...it adds nothing to the survival benefits to the survivors that they didn't already have.

That can leave future generations with less genetic diversity to handle the next crisis, and so forth.

True. That's when the super heroes will come and save us at the last minute!

How this works out over an ever worsening hostile world....

Do we have an ever worsening hostile world, or an ever-changing and indifferent world?

And of course the results of one coin toss do not determine the results of the next coin toss.

No, the world is a conscious Eco system that is angry with us and has begun exacting its revenge. Things will get worse and worse and worse and worse, sort of like God's ever increasingly hot fire. Things will get so bad that all humans left on Earth will claim "we should have never have messed with this chick"! 

As for coin tosses not effecting the next one, tell that to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

Freddie McGregor - Jogging

In this time of confusion
People preparing themself (for Armageddon)
And without even knowing
They're keeping fit (fit for the fire)

And them wearing (Adidas)
Oh yes them wearing (the Puma)
Ah yeah them wear up (the Norstar)
I and I preparing (fi leave ya)

Whether global environmental catastrophe or nuclear war, it will make those that survive stronger. Right now it is the weak and lazy that do the best. I know one of these personally. I know it doesn't fit them all, but they are out there. My brother in law's "baby mama" wants to just ride the system and never work for money. She got him drunk and got knocked up. After the kid was born, she turned crazy. She got a restraining order and has been dragging him through the courts for the last few years. She refuses to discuss lowering child support and has since been knocked up twice by two other guys. As soon as this kid is born, she will do it to this next guy. If a nuke war happens or a major disaster wipes out the majority of the population, people will either have to contribute or be exiled to die out by themselves. In this regard, the lazy will die and the strong will go on.


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