You may think of this discussion as somewhat of a reprise or follow up to an earlier discussion of mine "Guilty Gay Theists". 

This issue goes much further than just feeling guilty for being gay based on ones religious persuasion. But its an issue of simply not wanting to know, in other words being wilfully ignorant. I was browsing the LGBT category on Yahoo Answers a short moment ago, where I came upon this question:

My own response was naturally:

"You can't. Suppressing your thoughts like that can lead to all sorts of psychological traumas. And I will tell you its normal, regardless. This IS what you need to hear, its just not what you want to hear. Your religion is contradicting reality, thats the fact of it. 

People shouldn't be living their lives based on commandments, thats called oppression. Those commandments are the unnatural thing if you want to know the truth. 

This is reality sweetheart, learn to live with it. If your religion is contradicting reality, its time to at least question it."

But what are your views on this issue in regards to religious gay persons who just don't want to hear the truth, but at the same time seek a solution? What advice would you give them? And what do you think of my advice; was I perhaps too harsh? Or perhaps not harsh enough?

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Humans were not anti-gay, until authority figures took it upon themselves to invent and perpetrate artificial purpose for human existence, and artificial rules about morality

Since many animals will turn on abnormal (by which I mean simply not of the majority in respect to some aspect of appearance or behavior), I wouldn't be surprise if religious doctrine simply codified existing attitudes.

Do you have any evidence for your position?

Do you have any evidence for your position?

A college textbook on Cultural Anthropoloy, and words of a professor. Are you asking for book, chapter and page? I think this kind of study goes as far back in history as Margaret Mead. (And would modern Bonobo behavior count?)

Tribal cultures were (and still are, where they exist) not just respectful of atypical sexual orientation, but often had special, respectable roles for them in society and ceremonies. The evolution of agricultural societies is when members of society were assigned more "expected" roles, and ruled more by bureaucratic/religious hierarchies, especially patriarchal.

Desmond Morris covers this in "The Human Zoo". A little antiquated but a very nice read none the less.

This is so touchy. I used to be this girl...this was my childhood. Sigh. 

I think you have to go at it with compassion and truth. I wouldn't be too hard on a person like this, because they are already tormenting themself and they may be in a delicate psychological state. This person is several levels deep into the mind-fuck that is internalized Christian homophobia--their mind is in a state of self-hate; their world view is informed by ignorance of medical science/psychology; and they are trying to make sense of a lot of discordant information within a broken narrative. What's worse is they probably depend on Christianity for part of their self worth because they see their faith as a positive attribute against the negative attribute of being LGBT.

What helped me was reading from offical sources that there is no "cure" for homosexuality--that all of that gay conversion therapy was fradulent. And that attempts to "cure" or repress homosexuality cause deep harm.

Once you accept that you cannot change your sexuality, it's easy to take the next step of asking, 'Why would God tell me to deny my sexuality if he made me gay? Why did God make me gay?' 

That gets you thinking about whether or not God is perfect and moral, or at least makes you doubt the literal interpretation of scripture. That's a solid couple of steps forward!

Where does this process end? It might conclude in self-tolerance. It might make a liberal Christian out of a conservative Christian. It could end in atheism. We can only hope she has the fortitude to keep questioning.


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