Out of curiosity, I joined a Wiccan forum just so I could take a peek.  Well,  I knew they were a bit kooky, but you should read this stuff that they believe in.   They seriously believe they can do magic, divination, and healing.   I  originally thought they were just nature lovers that liked to chant to the moon or something.

  I want so bad to join up and tell them they are all out of their gourds, but I hate trolls so I'm not about to become one.  Still, many of these people are ex-christians.   I don't get how you can decide one god is the wrong one and then pick up a whole new belief system that involved a bunch new of deities and not question that.   Some of them even admit they believe in elves and faeries.  


What do you think makes a person believe for a minute that magic is real?   


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I didn't mean I dropped EVERYTHING when I dropped it. I just mean I dropped it as a religion. I still love all the things I loved about it, I'm just not wiccan. Follow me?

A Wiccan girl put a spell of Tequila and Jeagermeister on me once- It worked - she got me drunk and in bed.


Mentioning New Age woo-

I had a discussion one night with a guy really into Ramtha- of course he told me his mother is into Tarot, Loch Ness, past lives, future lives, channeling, palm reading.... He just went on and on through the library of kookiness - with a straight face. I'm sure the look of utter dismay on my face was plain....Really? Um Hmm? Interesting? But his and his mothers favorite was Ramtha- some 30,000 year old entity or something like that. WOO


A singer/entertainer I performed with came on the ship and sees my art. He sees a piece I did that had a lot of squiggly faces twisted and mashed animals and optical illusions.

See my art: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=35493541155

Anyway he starts talking to me and tells me he's a Richi (sp?) Master. And he does past life readings. He told me he had just recently met Mozart. Or Mozart reincarnated or whatever. I asked how he knew??? He says well he did a past life reading...OK so what made you think it was Mozart? He says well, this Mozart also plays piano and composes music...Oh, so he writes amazing symphonic music? He says no he plays and a country band and a honky-tonk piano bar... OK. WOO

So he gets back to me and my art and most importantly to him to tell me who I was in a past life. He looks and sees faces that are "odd" ...light bulb...you know who you could have been? No who? Oh please tell me this information (or WOOnformation). He says "You we're Picasso...How else could YOU draw like that." Oh really, so then- tell me- can two people use the same "soul" at the same time. He says "Of course not."   Oh what about the fact that Picasso didn't die till I was 10. I finished that piece and the started one that is very straight lined and geometrical... He says I've got it now. The curved lines threw me off.....You were an architect.........Facepalm.......Can I just be me?  WOO

Why does past life regression always yield someone famous?   Why doesn't anybody get Joe Schmo at the corner bar?  


Anyway, now I see that there is a wide range of practices.   At first, like I said, I thought it was just a ritualistic appreciation of nature, which I could understand.    But for some people it obviously goes above and beyond that.    And then there's the ones that are just doing it because its a popular fad.

My old roommate was Wiccan. He would go on forever about how stupid Christians were and I would always chime in that believing in the Triple Goddesses, tarot, and astrology was no less silly than believing that a Jewish carpenter rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. He obviously didn't see it that way.
At least they are honestly carving religion at the joints. Natural religion is actually natural science - the gut's assignment of agency. Mostly harmless 13,000 year old science fail. And they drive the christianist bonkers. So there's that.

LOL. I love it when silliness drives the Christians bonkers. When I used to be religious I would to listen to my Baptist friend's complaints about Catholicism and then my Catholic friend's complaints about the Baptist religion. I found it amusing and it actually created one of the avenues that became my path of doubt out of my religion (Assembly of God) and out of any kind of religion.

I think wishful thinking plays a role. They want it to be real and end up convincing themselves that it could be.

When you are lonely and without a spiritual pathway in life and you join a group , some who profess to believe in fairies and some who profess to believe in gods and spirits .. and these people seem dead serious ... it's very easy for one to start believing as well to gain the communal feeling.  They become a part of a group even if they don't really believe.  



What do you think makes a person believe for a minute that magic is real?
Humans have infinite needs. If you had 3 planets full of people under your control, you would want even more. God or magic promise to satisfy that need. Too bad the solution is imaginary. 'Needs' are imaginary concepts also.

I just thought of something else. I once had a wiccan coworker. I realized that I have asked christians questions of their beliefs but I hadn't really done that to any other religions so I decided to try it with this guy.


I asked him the question, "where did god come from?" As in the whole circle argument that if we're so advanced something must have made us but that would mean something would have to make god if he's advanced enough to make us. Christians I've asked do the whole 'He's always been' Or 'its beyond our understanding.' This is what the wiccan said;


He went on and on that all the gods and godesses take turns with who creates what and when. I asked which god it was who created earth and such. He responded that there has been so many gods and godesses it would be impossible to tell, the records aren't there. (there was a tad more to it than this I'm summarizing.)


Granted he sounded absolutely loony and I obviously don't buy it, but I had more respect for him in that moment than any other religious person I know. He didn't shy away from answering, didn't shrug it off, and he wasn't at all embarrassed about his beliefs.


Sorry for yet another random story XD.


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