I have been a Atheist all my life.  When I was young and under peer/family pressure to believe, I tried to be a believer.  But I never was.  I don't understand the need that some Atheists have.  Why do they need to refute religious claims?  After all, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.  I am sorry, but listening to someone refute religious claims in just as boring as listening to someone expound religious claims.

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I am amazed that you are able to stay out of the debate and not get involved because you live in the USA. I could stay out of the debate if I wanted to because I live in the UK and I can go for months without being aware that I am an Atheist. Religion just doesn’t crop up anymore. No longer do people mention it in day-to-day life. Nobody says “goodbye and god bless” anymore. Nobody says I can’t work on a Sunday because it’s the Sabbath anymore. And we don’t have a President who says “God bless Great Britain” in every major speech. Just imagining our Prime Minister saying that has given me the giggles. What I am saying is that it is easy for us Atheists in the UK to stay out of the debate and carry on living but you American Atheists are at war with the Theists and quite rightly too as they offend  your lives so badly.  

As I read in another article this morning "there are those of us who just cannot adopt the “live and let live” philosophy, because the favor is not returned"  http://alstefanelli.wordpress.com/2011/08/05/now-is-not-the-time-fo...


I'm in Canada where I encounter the religious only rarely, usually when they knock on my door or send me a jesusy Christmas card. So I dont' have much need to fight about it myself, but when our Prime Minister starting sticking "God Bless Canada" into speeches I was one of those who objected, and he doesn't do it anymore. (He's still an insufferable prick, though). 


However, hanging around this site shows me a world south of the border where atheists have to hide their lack of belief or risk getting passed over for jobs, losing child custody, verbally abused, no chance of running for high public office (so much for being a democracy!), or worse. So I support any atheist in the US or elsewhere who feels that they have to stand up for themselves for their full rights, and if that means they have to go head to head with a theist from time to time, so be it. Best to stay in good fighting form. 


Oh, and learn to spell Favour properly! That's right, I'll never stop fighting against US "simplified spelling" :)


I refute religious claims because most of the people around me are convinced that what we find to be an "extraordinary claim" is the "God-given truth."  Then, these same religious folks try to force their nonsensical ideas upon me through my currency, everyday at school during the Pledge of Allegiance (which I thankfully never have to do again in my life...), during major political speeches, during debates that should not even exist (like the gay marriage debate), and when walking around the Pro-Football HoF festival.

When the theists are no longer so embedded in my society that they impact my life, I will stop refuting their claims.  If no one stood up to their claims, the United States would be more of a theocracy than it already is. 

Good for you!  My original post was aimed  at all the religion bashing that I find on Atheist sites.  I am and always have been Atheist.   It seems that all the articles that I find are aimed believers or fence straddlers.  I am part of the choir, I don't need to be preached to.  I just seem to get disappointed when I look for something interesting to read.  I know that christianity is a copy cat religion that has stolen most of their mythos from older religions.  I have strong doubts that Jesus of Nazareth ever existed.  A discussion along those areas might be enlightening and enjoyable.


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