I was born Christian but then I grew up and saw the light. The light of my imagination and self belief. Ive learnt a lot about Buddhism as Ive been in Asia for the last year and a half almost. I like checking out the temples, they look cool and the local monks always wanna chat to improve there English (they certainly dont throw their beliefs down my throat and try to convert me like most religions). They dont have silly books (e.g bible) and they dont rape kids (e.g vicars. Obviously) In fact of all the religions ive ever studied, Buddhism is the only really one that says - if you believe in yourself and be good to others, then your life will be worry free.

Well, something along those lines. Basically, Buddhists are pretty cool, religiously speaking. 

Now I work in a Christian School. Had that horrible religion not been bestowed upon the shores of Thailand, my boss and her cronies of flids (who had converted from sound Buddhism to anarchic Christianity due to their positions as teachers in the school) then my life might be a little easier. Thais aren't particularly bright people compared to their neighbors, and that's not just me saying that, its statistically true. They rank 9th out of ten (countries that make up the ASEAN) in their English speaking skills and 90% of them cant find Europe on a world map! 

I wonder, with such a low level of I.Q, why would they go from a sound talking religion like Buddhism that teaches you to believe in yourself and take life by the balls, to an insane story telling facade of historical nonsense about talking snakes and building impossible ocean vessels to impossibly capture and transport untold numbers of animal life forms and other such garbage like Christianity.

Bonkers innit?

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