So I was trucking on down the road.  And the radio selection in the area I was in was piss poor at best.  Nothing but Christmas songs and stupid hip hop dance party junk.  And then I blundered into a religious station, and I knew I was going to take a detour into "Piss me off" land.  And I was right.  Looney Tunes on the radio was talking about a "devout atheist" (how the fuck can an atheist be devout?) and said he was amazed when he came back from Africa and that even though he was an atheist, he believed that Africa needed God.   And not just any god, the Christian God(natch).  No.  Hello?  Religion is DESTROYING Africa!  I got so sick that I immediately pressed the tune button.  It didn't matter what the dial landed on.  I knew once he started talking about a "devout" atheist that this guy was either lying through his teeth or the person in question wasn't a real atheist.  And why is Christianity always assumed to be the default position?  Why not just help the Africans with the basic needs and improvements in human rights and education?  Why not teach the Africans about Zeus?

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Some of them lie, but I'm convinced that many of them are just too stupid to know better. It's really complicated - it's not a person's fault if their mental capacity is low, nor if they've been steeped in Jebus by their family from the start, so it's frustrating. I think some of them don't have the mental capacity to know any better. That being said, there are many too who allow themselves to be stoopidized because it feels so good. That type of self-deception is cowarddly and irresponsible IMO. Of course most bslievers are some combination of all of those things, so it's complicated. Not every believer is a liar, and not everyone of them stupid. ALL OF THEM though do have low certitudinal IQ (the ability to know when feeling right about something is rational or not)

devout - Having or showing deep religious feeling or commitment



Yeah, it makes me mad too. Christian God by Default.



LMAO.." piss me off land"  is a place i used to know to well..i viewed a very good program on the History channel comparing the " story " of jesus  and the much much older story of a mirror image fact just about all of the stories in the bible have a similar story in Greek mythology...trip.. (jesus)  {jew-zeus}..yea  about africa, the missionaries are over ther spreading the word of hate like wildfire..Current TV s Vangaurd has a hard hitting report on the anti gay movement in Africa, i think Gaunna..its crazy..they kill people at the drop of a hat..why not teach the Africans how to grow crops or drill for clean water..oh i know .. its easier to teach hate..

i like that - Jew Zeus!

Prior to Satellite radio, I used to drive a lot for work, and I loved flipping to those stations for the 20 miles they had the juice to broadcast to. 


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