So I was trucking on down the road.  And the radio selection in the area I was in was piss poor at best.  Nothing but Christmas songs and stupid hip hop dance party junk.  And then I blundered into a religious station, and I knew I was going to take a detour into "Piss me off" land.  And I was right.  Looney Tunes on the radio was talking about a "devout atheist" (how the fuck can an atheist be devout?) and said he was amazed when he came back from Africa and that even though he was an atheist, he believed that Africa needed God.   And not just any god, the Christian God(natch).  No.  Hello?  Religion is DESTROYING Africa!  I got so sick that I immediately pressed the tune button.  It didn't matter what the dial landed on.  I knew once he started talking about a "devout" atheist that this guy was either lying through his teeth or the person in question wasn't a real atheist.  And why is Christianity always assumed to be the default position?  Why not just help the Africans with the basic needs and improvements in human rights and education?  Why not teach the Africans about Zeus?

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Hey, I'm a devout atheist. I worship "nothing" five times a day. It might be hard to tell though because I worship nothing by doing nothing, but do not be fooled.  Even though it looks like I'm just lying on the couch watching TV, I'm actually very deep in prayer.


Worshiping this way is actually a very strenuous activity which is why I always keep a large bag of nachos around to help me recharge.  Plus beer because the nachos make me thirsty.


I can only hope that one day every atheist will come to know the joy of worshiping nothing in this manner.  It brings about a wonderful feeling of peace and calm. Especially, once the beer kicks in.

hahaha!! Love it!!

Brought a tear to my eye.....

It's sunday school I tell you. That's what's creating all these believers. If you eliminate sunday school then you give them the opportunity to reason ( either for or against religion ) without them being brainwashed. The best way to win a war is to disrupt the supply lines,i.e., bible production facilities.

idk ken...When I was younger I was forced to go to sunday school. It changed my views on religion pretty quickly. Most people are probably too deluded to see through the propaganda..but at a young age, I certainly wasn't.

You must have been listening to the same person on the radio as I was the other night... it made me want to vomit too.

I call it the SE Cupp Syndrome. People claiming to be atheist then singing religion's praises.

Straw atheists, if you will.

Christians are always lying for jesus. 

everyone knows the world revolves around Christians...oh and that the earth is the center of the universe. lmao

For christians, it seems that lying is ok if it's done in the name of God. Africa needs help, that's for sure, and while christians might be willing to help them, that help comes along with their nonsensical beliefs whether it is about the only God being the Christian God or prohibiting the use of condoms. The more we criticize it, the more people will start asking questions and noticing how despicable it is.


Also, it might be a good idea to get an mp3 player for the car.


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