Hello, this is my first discussion. Sorry for the grammar.

Lately i have seen that death is a big concern for most of atheists and that annoys me. I have a lot of trouble in my life since i am a very detached person, i find difficult to maintain a social contact with best friends once they get out of my interests. Once someone is no longer in my life i don't find useful to even talk with them.It does not mean that i will not say hi or engage in a talk.

So it comes my main point. What is the point in celebrate any form the death of someone. To be honest i have been debating in my head all the the time if i even want to be remembered. I think that funerals are like religions, you get used to regret the death of someone and do that by tradition.

Have you ever thought on all the dinosaurs that have died, do they celebrated funerals and buried they brothers? they didn't because it don't have sense.

So, post your answer!!!

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Strange I found this, I've been thinking the same thing lately. I've been to a few funerals before and although I understand why we have funerals and the process/traditions carrried out during funerals I do find alot of it unnessary.

They're too formal. You either have to sit in uncomfortable chairs or stand for the duration of it whilst you listen to a brief reading from a Priest. Then one by one you have to listen to a speech spoken out in memory of that person. Yes, I understand how the words of a Priest, friends, family even srangers can be helpful, but I for one just find the structure of it uncomfortable.

Funerals are so formal, and I hate it. If you're surrounded by friends and family then why the hell does it need to be so formal. I don't see the need to wear black, when I'm dead I could care less what people wear to my funeral. I just feel they're too traditional and so formal that the formality takes away alot of the comfort one needs to feel when grieving.

When I'm dead I don't really want a funeral either, if need be than I'd rather it be quick :/ I hate the thought of my family visiting my grave site, the place where my corpse is burried and rotting. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust and sprinkled at sea is what I want done when I'm gone. I think it's much more comforting for a person to visit a lost loved one in memories than to visit a cold hard stone with a body burried beneath it were the memories first recalled will most likely be the sad ones. But that's just my opinion.

Funerals are just meant to honour a deceased loved one and to help those grieving accept that that person has died. People grieve in different ways, some cry some don't but that's fine.

Sorry if went on for too long :?

I know that my daughter (supposedly a Christian) will want to do something when the universe takes my atoms back. I will make sure there's no religious ceremony. I'd rather there were a wake of sorts where people can reminisce about me, flaws and all.

As someone who recently lost their mother, I can say this: Death seems overdone at funerals and such, because people are GRIEVING. I will be honest, you sound like either someone who is completely anti-social, with actual problems that need to be addressed, or a troll. Especially with the dinosaur part. Dinosaurs did not have funerals because they did not have the kind of cultural structure to create such a function. But we -do- know, that many animals -do- mourn the death of those they care about. I once saw a video of a mother moose who stayed fixed with her dead baby hours after it died, mourning its death. As for reptiles, or dinosaurs, I have no idea, and it has NOTHING to do with human mourning and sounds like you are trolling us.

I am not trolling.

My point with dinosaurs was that they represent the largest group of ever living beings that may have developed a complex social structure, they where in earth around 135 million years and that is a lot of time to happen. I always like to make weird examples, think about it as thinking outside of the square.

Dinosaurs may didn't needed technology or any other thing to live so much and be in balance with nature, they had more success than some other species and are atractive.

Have u thought about what(evolutionary speaking) makes us to do the jump between not having funerals to having it?

What is the truth about having funerals, may it be a weird idea we heritage from some ancestor. What are the rules?

I suggest you do some research on dinosaurs, or at least the species we know about. While they may have mourned, or had emotions about death, their brains were in no way capable of formulating complex social structures, though we would need to first agree on the definition of complex social structures in the first place. Or I could just sight the fact that there is no other animal on earth presently that has funerals.


@ Ashley Winter:

"...their brains were in no way capable of formulating complex social structures..."

How do you know that?  Is a hive of bees not a complex social structure?  Is there not evidence that some dinosaurs traveled in herds?  Don't herds have a social order?  Why do you assume the dinosaurs social order wasn't complex?

"...though we would need to first agree on the definition of complex social structures in the first place."

I agree, what would you suggest?

"I could just sight the fact that there is no other animal on earth presently that has funerals."


About how i sound, you should be more polite.

I do have a problem. I consider myself and aware of reality person and do not like how the human handle the helm of humanity. We do things without thinking deeply about it and dead is one that is too important to leave unaddressed.

For me, it is enough to talk by last time knowledgeably with someone to leave him behind. It sounds the more correct thing to do, i will never talk to a dead body, i prefer to invoke some kind of soul rather than admire a dead body.

I am not saying to ignore death, but rather than we overdo about it.

And since you retain the right to be any way you choose, polite, or unpolite, so will I.

Also, not all funerals, memorial services are the same. Not everyone admires a dead body, or talks to one. Any really, why do -you- care how someone else decides to mourn their loved one's death? Whether with a viewing, which I personally don't care for, or anything else. And really, you keep saying people overdo death. While I can agree that certain funeral ceremonies might not be to my taste, especially very religious ones, I do not think that funeral services in general are overdoing death. Its one of the most important times in our lives, mainly, the survivors, the family and loved ones left behind. Its life changing, earth shattering for some of them. You said yourself you personally have issues with caring about people when they are no longer around, so you cannot, or are unwilling to try to be empathetic to this kind of situation. Other people, most people, do not react this way when someone major and important to them leave their lives. That's why throughout history, ceremonies have revolved around it, stories, mythology. Until you can try to put yourself in the shoes of those grieving, I don't think you can really understand what I'm saying.

I do have feelings. I do cry and laugh. But most of all i think, my favorite thing to do is to analyze human behavior and even if i have feelings my reason tells me that something is missing or just too silly.

I have overcome many problems and have hard times.

This forums are not about our behavior but to discuss our way of think. Dont make it personal or assume i force my ideas on other people. I do assist to funerals and respect others people thinking.

Have you considered the possibility that funerals are just a big business?

There are lots of thing that are just business, if you dont believe that research about monsanto.

This next line will be a rush one, i understand why elephants grieve but not humans.

Also, humans do ritual, like funerals, because it can provide comfort, and closure.

Hi, Bernardo.

For someone's first post you like to get right to it, don't you?

As many of you know, my mother ceased to exist on Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at 10:48 PM...I may have gotten the time wrong on my first post.  Her funeral was on Wednesday.  It will take me a while to process, compress and write about it.  At her funereal nobody told the truth.  Everybody told stories in remembrance of my mother....as did I...but no one told the truth.

Death is the most proven fact of human existence.  700 billion people have lived and died on this planet.  No one has come back.  I know it isn't proper to speak of absolute truth, but if that doesn't qualify as being proven beyond the possibility denial I don't know what would.

People die and they decompose.  

Anyone who tells you there is an Afterlife is lying.  They may be lying to themselves first, but that doesn't make it less of a lie.

I told this to my brother who is a Christian...700 billion dead, no one coming back.  His response was:

"Jesus did."

My bother is a fool...now that Mom is dead I don't have to pretend to like him...or, as I put it to him bluntly, "I don't have any trouble with hating any longer."

The rational response would be 700 billion proofs against a 2000 year old assertion...from a time in which holy men and kings were claimed to have come back from death as a matter of course...made without any evidence whatsoever...remember, "that which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence"...means that the evidence of 700 billion instances means the odds against the rumor of resurrection being true are 700 billion to one.

Odds of winning the lottery are around 7 million to one make it a sucker bet.  Multiply that by a thousand and you have the biggest sucker bet in history.

My brother has made a comfortable selling losing lottery tickets to the ignorant.

Death is a fact.  Anyone who tells you different...be he Christian, Muslim, or even "Spiritual" Atheists...is lying to you.

The sooner you accept your own mortality then the happier life you will live.

When I first saw mother when she got ill she was incoherent.

All she could say over and over again was "Heaven Or Hell?"

These motherfuckers sent my Mom to her death not know if she was going to Heaven or Hell.

Like I told my brother:

I don't have any trouble with hating any longer.

I am guessing you are a little bit confused, maybe you hate the "ritual" performed after death but not the act of missing the one you love 


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