Why waste time hoping religious people just go away.

I feel there will be an event,visitors from another planet is the way that religion will end as a whole.

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That would make national news, LOL !

I'm hoping they can come here to TA and open their minds with empathy someday, but I think that focus is in the minority here. Atheists do need more community support for themselves, so that's a big plus here.

visitors from another planet is the way that religion will end as a whole.

Sadly, I think the religious ability to perform mental gymnastics will draw out that demise considerably. It may be the beginning of the end, though.

I read *somewhere* a couple of years ago an article oulining the expected response of different religions to the News That We Are Not Alone.  Very speculative of course.

Most of the religions apparently would adjust, but the claim was that evangelical Christianity would not be able to deal with it; apparently man is unique as far as they are concerned, period.  I've never been able to see anything in Xianity that would push people that way, myself, but I do know of one "old earth creationist" who's pretty positive we'll never find anything.  He does think UFOs are "real" however--created by Satan, not by ET.

In 1994 a Naval Lunar Probe photographed evidence of anomalous structures on the far side of the moon. Tens of thousand of photographs can not be obtained by FOIA, since the Navy claims its a matter of national security. however some photos were released with obvious airbrushing. the most notable photo is that of a 5 to 10 mile high structure called the Tower, resembling a light bulb. (First, grainy photograph was made by the Russians with its LUNA probe ). The best photographs appear in the book "Dark Mission".  Another mysterious photograph is that of the "castle" that was processed from an existing NASA archive online.  NASA is committed to not officially releasing photos that would disrupt current paradigms on earth as not to incite disorder and instability. There are documents to this effect mentioned on sites that show photos from the Navy mission.

The Clementine Mission.

Thanks Michael if  you can send me links to all related information.

I saw an artist's take on one of the photos.

It showed a wide horizontal stripe, perhaps a board to prevent collapse. On the stripe in large hand-printed letters were the words "Act 2 Scene 3".

BTW, it was in an early 1960s Playboy magazine.

As long as we don't know what religion is, it will never go away. It will be like some sort of tumor on the growth of human society as long as we don't scientifically attempt to explain it away.

In order to shed light on religion, I believe, we must be able to travel to the very depths what these religions originally attempted to convey, not the twisted contortions they've been muddled into today. If any of you are familiar with my bailiwick, then you know that I study "mystical experience" and how it relates to Perennial philosophy. I tried to explain this to Tracy and Russell of "The Atheist Experience," but Russell just rolled his eyes at everything I said! I was surprised. Tracie knew somewhat of what I was talking about, but this is something that I feel that most atheists aren't even aware of, not even theists! Perhaps some of you have caught glimpses of my argument with Gallup's Mirror and Heather Spoonheim. Unless we scientifically explore this phenomenon in consciousness dubbed "mystical experience," religion will continue to flourish in our ignorance.

The Soviet Union's communist government banned religion in favor of atheism.

Seventy years later, the Soviet Union and communism collapsed and religion re-appeared.

Religious missionaries were ready to swoop in and teach them.

They had been raised all their lives being told This Was It, This  Was The Ultimate Society.  When it collapsed around them, they knew their lives had been based on a lie.  And, note, atheism was explicitly pushed as part of the ideology.  So in steps someone claiming to know what's really up, and they say the atheism was part of the problem.   So what are these former Soviets, who know what they had was bogus, to do?  Yep, they'll start picking up on the first answer offered to them.


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