Why waste time hoping religious people just go away.

I feel there will be an event,visitors from another planet is the way that religion will end as a whole.

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Religion as a whole is too big a thing to expect to just disappear. However that doesn't mean you can't work on the smaller, but still important, negatives that religion brings with it. As we should work to remove the negatives that all large institutions bring.

Chief among these for me is that most religions do not encourage critical thinking in children because this critical thinking often runs against their dogma. For example if your Holy book espouses an idea that is obviously susceptible to investigative questioning such as, say, the Earth is only thousands of years old then better to quell the questioner than face the dissonance.

Not my holy book I don't believe the bible or any other religious books.

I like your answer though

Technically, Jesus is an alien lifeform implanted in a virgin.

There is no Jesus

"No Jesus" huh? Is that the same as the antichrist?

No, no, no, you've got it all wrong.

There are two schools of thought on the Antichrist.  One is that if the Antichrist ever collides with the Christ, they'll annihilate each other in a big flash of gamma rays.  Sort of like pasta and antipasta.

The other is that my goddamn piece of shit pickuptruck is the Antichrist; and given that I dropped a shit ton of money on repairs recently, I favor that option.

@Steve in the thin air:

"my goddamn piece of shit pickuptruck

Are people still saying this?

I think most people these days just say Truck.

I wanted to remove all ambiguity about the nature of evil, here.

If the only problem religion causes is annoyance to you then I'd say sure, walk away. However, once the religion requires your foreskin, your clitoris or your womb to be given, your children to be miseducated and/or abused, bigotry to pervade your life, your life itself to be under constant threat and so on, then just hoping the religious go away is not a viable solution.

/\  /\   /\

Dead on


To late they got me at birth,and I think everyone has enough information to choose eventually I understand and agree with your point ,kids never have a chance.It now makes sense we have to slow down the damage done to the young.

Can I sue the Roman Catholic Church for the loss of my foreskin at an early age?


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