Why so many hot FEMALE teachers having sex with underage students?

In general discussions, when the topic of teacher-related statutory rape comes up, the general assumption that i's a Jerry Sandusky-like male pervert who's trying to get it on with underage teen girls and boys. However, whenever the national news, when it picks up a teacher-abusing-student story, tells us about a female teacher having sex with underage teens. Most of the time, the "victims" are boys, but sometimes it's lesbian sex. (BTW, I put the word in quotes because I wonder how traumatic these events are for the boys. I'm sure that in some cases they are, but I doubt if they are in even more than 50% of the cases. They (the boys) have probably had sex already with more "age appropriate" females (and I put quotes there because I think age appropriateness is a cultural ethical distinction and not a factual one). 

Do you think that we hear so many stories of female teachers crossing the line simply because, given our suppositions about such things, it's a "man bites dog" story? Or is there more to it than that. 

BTW,here's what is undoubtedly and incomplete list of female teachers who crossed the line:

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