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I never understood this. My family is Jewish. You'd think I would be pro-israel, but I'm not. 

Why should the Jewish people be allowed to invade another country simply because of religious context? Because of World War II? The Holocaust? They are not the only people in the world to suffer. We are now putting Palestine's people in the way of death and war. Aren't we? 

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I'd suggest anyone trying to formulate an opinion on this subject invest many, many, many hours researching the History of this region of the world.

"We are now putting Palestine's people in the way of death and war. Aren't we? "

I'm not part of the "We" you are referring to.

I think it's fair enough for the Jews to have their own [ancestral] country.  But it's not fair that they keep building illegal settlements on Palestinian land. 


"...illegal settlements on Palestinian land."

Illegal by who's standards?

There is no such thing as "Palestinian land."  Palestine is a dream not an actual area of land with borders, there never was such a place.  This area of dirt has throughout history has always been under the control and ownership of other nations.

At the time Israel was founded as an actual State, the Arabs living in the same area were offered their own sovereign nation as well.  The Jews said yes the Arabs said no.  So blame the Arabs  for the mess.

The current borders of Israel are a result of a war initiated by the Arab nations surrounding the original area of land seeded to the Jews.  The Arabs attack and lost, so the border of Israel today is the result of that war. That's how that shit works, during war borders change.

You've gone so far off tilt you are using la-la-land arguments to justify the unjustifiable in ways that make religious appologists seem tame.

The war was over decades ago. They reached an agreement supported by doens of other countries. The Israelis have broken that agreement again and again and have anexxed Palestianian territory (as agreed) and turned it into more of Israel. They've also redicrected Palestinian water back towards Israel and have even annexed territory to the point Palestianians have to drive around for 5 hours to visit a village only 5km away. It's not like Palestine has a lot of free space...especially in Gaza where everyone lives in bombed out highrises.

If you still think...it is reasonable for an occupying force, 50 years after a war, to continually annex territory they don't even need...from the people who they are occupying on last that's been theirs (through mutial agreement) for decades of people they control, knowing this breaks every agreement they made with them, creating an insurmountable barrier to peace...then you are so pro-israel it's a wonder you aren't religious.

The war was 50 years ago. Palestine is a nation (agreed to by Israel). They have their own land (the Israelis agreed to this). Millions of Palestinians who were thrown out of Israel live in fetid putrid camps, walled in by concrete barriers, decades after the war, and they aren't allowed back (despite many of them being those who never participated in the war) and get no money or funding and live in misery which provides the perfect breeding ground for terrorism. There couldn't be a better one. But why not break the agreement and just take even more Palestinian territory and resources? There was a war after all...50 years ago. Sounds like an intelligent strategy by rational thinking people truly trying to find a solution for peace and safety in the area. It's all just a bunch of dirt in a place that is historically dynamic and ancient and biblical.

The Palestininas haven't played by the rules and do stupid destructive shit...a kind of stupid destructive shit Israelis also do. Every day. They are both disfunctional co-dependent nut-cases who need each other to justify their outrageous policies and insanity. The settlements are illegal in every possible sense of the word "Illegal" ... if illegal means anything.

"...occupying force, 50 years after a war..."

The American Indians might have something to say.

Why is this OK in America but not in the Middle East?

This is what religion does best, delude and divide. They are as good as their god.

So you then agree with Palestinian dogma that Israel should not exist and Israelis should die

So then you think Palestine should give up it's land and Palestine's people should die to make room for Israel? 

Just another example of the divisiveness of religion.  It's another WE and THEM situation.  Our God gave us this land; therefore you cannot own it.  WE have a right to it; YOU do not. . .

What that land is supposedly holy for the muslims, christians, and jews. Why should the jews specifically be granted that land? And why is America (notorious for being christian) backing it? 


"Why should the jews specifically be granted that land?"

Check your history circa mid to late 1940's for the relevant answer.

Violetta, are you Jewish?

Is English your first language?

Are you as critical of other people as you are of Jews?


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