what about judaism and islam? they are far more dangerous then christianity; and people of these religions should also be enligthened. so i would like see anti-islamic and anti-judaist content on this website

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I dont think anyone here doesnt question other faiths. But with the popularity of christianity, it tends to get more attention. A true atheist will never consider any god/diety/spirit to be real, so in reality we do speak out about all religions with just our label. But as most of us live in the US, and it is about 85% christian, that is the religion we choose to speak out the most about, its what we know.
If you put a gun to most Christian's heads, and tell them to renounce their God and Jesus Christ, I'd bet my life 90% of them would. Not that I would blame them, that's pretty human.

Muslims will just beg you to pull that trigger. Muslims (and other massive religions) at least still have the fundamentals of God > everything. Whereas Christianity and Catholicism have become infinitely more about swinging a political vote, and getting rich.

Christians are just heavily convinced by the people they love. Muslims are just flat out brain washed from birth.

Therefor Christians would seem much more able to approach as far as conversing or attempting to convert (saved? :))

Or is it that perhaps Christianity is so obviously flawed, because it's like little Jesus copied off Horus in the class room (if anyone gets the reference).
Maybe because Christians live more secular lives anyway. They don't wear a uniform and only worship once a week. A Jew or Muslim is a harder proposition altogether, they could well be rejected by their families or even killed for being an atheist. It's just easier to focus on Christianity, besides I suppose that most people here escaped Christianity rather than the other two major faiths.
You guys nailed it. I blogged my thoughts on it, if anyone is bored.
The term Atheist covers a wide range of differing views. There are those who feel that as long as religion stays out of the political arena then all is well and the various "teachings" should be left to their own devises. Others see religion as a scourge to mankind that should be eradicated as soon as possible. This site should be open to both types and the entire spectrum of thinking in between.

You are free to set up a forum specifically devoted to the discussion of Islam and Judaism or non-XTian religion as a whole. I would actually be curious to see if there is a movement within other religions questioning the legitimacy of their faith. Bear in mind that a lot of countries probably block a site like this if they have a legislated state religion so the very people who might like to join your forum may not have the freedom to express themselves.
I'm more pro-thought than anti-anything.
The big three (Christian, Judaism and Islam) all worship the same god, so anything I disagree with in one religion obviously covers the other two as well.
My contempt is equal opportunity! :)


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