I know they can't do much but they are nnot doctors and they are delusionned by their own belief . Still he baffled me they never answer the riddle of the amputed?

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I was listening to a catholic radio station the other day and they were talking about mental instability and suicide.  It was insightful to hear them talking about their belief that the instability and the suicidal thoughts were due to the devil and demonic influence on the person.

It would seem that many of them still believe that the reason for illness, even if it has a biological cause, is demonic in nature.  If that were the case, then who better to heal the sick than someone who can deal the with supposed root cause?  And they can certainly draw that from the bible.

It's much easier to attribute disease to demonic intervention than it is to attribute missing limbs to it.  And in the case of those who truly believe that it is the root cause, then, in some way, it is a way to alleviate their mental anguish if there is no way to snap them out of it by reason.  Disease and mental illness has an invisible component to it because of the microscopic or neurological factors, and therefore lends itself well to being the home of invisible boogeymen.

We should be careful not to confuse a delusion with mental illness. We can all suffer from delusions to some degree. The problem with going to a faith healer is that you are going to seek help from another deluded person. It is fighting fire with fire. One delusion does not cure another. The problem with theism is that it holds to be true the idea that “our spirit” can be attacked or corrupted if we are not ever vigilant. It builds on the false notion that there is more to us that our minds.

So I suppose it makes sense to the deluded person suffering from demons that a faith healer could be a cure. It is what the healers play on. For me the only antidote to a delusion is a strong dose of reality. The only “cure” for mental illness is to seek professional help and take it.

My question is why do you think that preachers think they can heal? They're snake oil salesmen. They know well that their product is bullshit, but they're conmen, it's their job to sell bullshit to gullible fools.

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You own a bridge?!

If it was only a transfer of energy why did you need to practice? I suppose it is not easy to build up your potential energy reserves and then rearrange their molecular structure into translational kinetic energy. What medium did you find best to transfer it. What did you think was wrong with their own energy that they needed yours? Did you have to calculate the mass of the ill person in order to know what “dose” to give them? I suppose you had to keep them very still in case of scaler problems as any momentum could prevent them being cured. Did anyone ever measure the amount of energy you released on a busy day. It must have made you very hungry.

I assume this is for me? If not, ignore this post please. Sorry to nit-pick, but potential energy is a concept, it doesn't have a molecular structure. But yeah, exerting that force is tough, it is really draining. What medium did I find best... great question. Direct physical contact. I can speculate a lot on that, but that is what I've observed being most effective. RE: Calculations... no, I didn't pre-calculate it. I found it much more effective to continue until the desired result is achieved, then stop (or stop from exhaustion, unfortunately). I don't know what would happen if you didn't stop, and didn't get exhausted. No, no one had done a PET scan on me (or similar). That's not free, and I'm not rich. :(


Was I nit picking?

You stated that “there is not a net increase or decrease in potential energy, but the ability to convert potential energy to kinetic energy.”

So if you are now saying that potential energy is only a concept what were you converting to kinetic energy? Potential energy is measurable. If it is released or converted to become kinetic energy then there is a change. It is the basis of the Law of Conversation of Energy.

You would not need a PET scan to measure it. A small household voltage reader should do the trick or something similar. It is simple to do.

You weren't nit picking :)

Yes, I did state that. Logically, I was wrong in that statement, I apologize. Let me try to be more accurate. It is a matter of applying force to actualize the energy. (Ex: Force of Gravity actualizes the movement of an object).

I'm curious on your measurement technique... can you elaborate? What exactly do you propose I measure with a voltage reader? My hands, the air around me, the "object" being "changed"?

You could measure the energy as it travels through your hands? Place the reader near your hands before you transfer the energy and when it "flows" you could take a reading of it and see the "spike" and how long it lasts. Simple.

I am still not clear on the transfer bit where you move energy from your body into someone else’s and can accurately direct it to a specific point in their body. I don’t understand how energy alone can cure them. Do you think it changes their metabolism to produce specific proteins or speed up the process of Angiogenesis. The speed of the tissue regeneration is amazing as they are cured so quickly. The production of the collagen alone at such a rate is amazing as is the speed of phagocytosis in removing the old cell debris. Was this covered properly in the medical reports you read?

It is a matter of applying force to actualize the energy. (Ex: Force of Gravity actualizes the movement of an object).

Try saying it in plain English rather than going “Deepak” on it. If you want to apply a force you need energy in the first place. That is almost like potential energy again.

Interesting---you have no problem with kinetic energy, but somehow seem to deny potential energy.  A boulder at the top of a mountain has potential energy.  Let the boulder fall and hit you on the head and you have just been the victim of the conversion of potential energy into kinetic energy--i.e. pain or death.


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