I know they can't do much but they are nnot doctors and they are delusionned by their own belief . Still he baffled me they never answer the riddle of the amputed?

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Believer: I can lift a 5 pound weight!
Skeptic: Really? Go Ahead.
Believer: I don't practice lifting 5 pound weights anymore.

Skeptic: I can lift a car. It's called a tire jack. No praying needed, maybe a little kneeling.

Ok Robert, why don't you investigate, or even ask someone who still does practice it?

Please cite such a file.  You cannot - you will just say you can't remember the exact name, or perhaps the investigators were skeptics themselves, or any other modification to your original claim other than coming clean that it's BS.

So open minded. I CAN cite them. The problem (yup, you knew it *eyeroll*) is that they're medical files... that's what we're talking about, right? Medical issues... Unfortunately for you, it is ILLEGAL to post medical records online. However, if you really care, please feel free to try to get that law changed.

Better yet, "why don't you investigate, or even ask someone who still does practice it?"  

I told you from the get-go I was playing devil's advocate, because I'd like to see some open mindedness and research in to this subject. In my experience, no one investigates it, the theists practice it ignorantly, and the atheists simply disbelieve it is possible, and are unwilling to put any serious effort in to testing it fairly.

EDIT:  Apparently I can't reply to Dan. If that's true in your country, then go get permission. :)

Or claim it's illegal, which it isn't with permission. 

Scientific studies regularly cite the medical records of subjects - sometimes masking their identities but making them available to inquiries from vetted researchers, other times making them fully public with permission of the patient.

Either way, the scientific paper will have been published for peer review somewhere and those journals are public.  As I said, like all such bullshitters, you come here making bold claims and then do you best to bullshit your way out of them.

I greeted your evidence with enthusiasm and only came to evaluate your claim as bullshit when you revealed it to be so.  Delude yourself as you see fit, but your malarkey makes you nothing more than a laughingstock here.

You say you can't heal cancer.  What exactly can you heal?

Steve, if we were to believe *plenty of examples available world wide" we'd have to believe in UFO abductions, channeling, ghosts, and so on.

What can you offer as proof that's actually believable?

Believer: I take my authority and power from a supreme being that created the whole universe
Skeptic: Really? Grow a finger.
Believer: Burn the heretic!

Unfortunately, that's all too true! :(

So it was something like curing the common cold? Or suddenly an ear infection cleared up? Or someone was walking again on a sprained ankle in one week instead of two? What exactly have you seen done or done yourself?


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