I don't even know what to make of this... haha

"For one thing, the implications of being able to do in a short period of time, what many believe took millions and millions of years, is massive. Imagine coming up with a process that produces petroleum from organic waste in a matter of days, weeks, or months. Wouldn't that be just the thing to get a lot of people to seriously start tossing out this old earth stuff? Would it really matter? Getting people to change their minds I mean. Some "smart guy" will just come up with a new story about how everything happened 5000 years ago that discards God and the Flood and everything else we know to be true.

Anyway, that's what I was thinking about yesterday. If we could get enough people to put money into petroleum production research, and enough people to work on it, that would be world changing. The kind of knowledge that could produce petroleum, rather than drill for it would be the kind of knowledge that would bring nations down and cause people in high places to do irrational things.

So, how is petroleum made anyway? Lots of pressure and heat over time? How much time? Your average, run of the mill encyclopedia says millions of years. We know that's false, so just how long does it take to produce? I wonder if we could reproduce flood-like conditions in a lab that would, say, turn some vegetable scraps and an animal carcass into petroleum?

What are the moral implications of this? If people would realize that the flood of the Bible is true, then they'd realize that part of what they put in their gas tank is people. Or am I way off here? If not, I could be like Charlton Heston, and shout "Gasoline is PEOPLE!" as they cart me away. Exxon would have to change their tag line to "Put a person in your tank!" or, maybe "Put a tiger in your tank!" isn't so far from the truth.

Anyway, love to hear what you guys and gals think about this."

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Good luck with that!

Although, you just know that once scientists successfully come up with a species of bacteria that can extrude crude oil as a waste product (they're getting close), the creationists will insist that that is how all of the 'old' oil got there.
Wasn't that OILIX from the early Metal Gear games?
Seriously, though, have you got any links that you canprovide? I'd be pretty interested to see what's been done so far.
Wow... that's some pretty... "special" thinking there. A child of God indeed.


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