I have been challenged and have challenged myself why I am not a Diest and the only reason why I am not at the moment is because I do not like to make quick decsions, perhaps the God of the Bible is the actual God? but perhaps He isnt? So at the moment I am inbetween; both a Deist and some sought of Theist.


My question for you guys is; why not Deism?

Many of you guys used to be Christians/Muslims or just plain religious and your belief that God does not communicate with us or contradictions in the Bible does not mean there is not a God.

However, with society most people are either the two extremes and this can be seen with atheism and theism.


So why Atheism? Is it just an emotional reaction to seeing contradictions in the Bible and other religions and claiming there is no God or having a belief that there isnt one? And why not Deism? 





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why not? because it doesnt seem possible for their to be a singular divine being.
A deist is a person who believes that a God created the universe and then abandoned it. Nothing is known about this God. Since there is no evidence for this type of God, and this God is only vaguely defined, I have no reason to believe in it.

Bob said " You might believe in a god because you want to or to keep you neighbor's favor, but those are the only reasons i can see for you doing so."


Would leading your neighbor to believe you believe in God be considered deceitful and worse than telling them the truth? 

Should religious beliefs or a lack of them be allowed to strain relationships? Many have a problem with those who don't believe in the same "things" or concepts as themselves. Personally I care not what you believe. Just don't expect me to do the same. Unless of course you offer up some kind of palpable proof.


It is irritating that a "neighbor" would be unfriendly toward you because of your lack of belief in something. It's shallow and unnecessary as I see it.

That aside there are some people who are fun to be around despite the fact they believe in pink elephants.  :^ )



In addition to the fine answers others have given, I'd also like to point out a bit of confusion on your part.  (A)theism is about what you BELIEVE to be true.  (A)gnosticism is about what you KNOW to be true.  Most "atheists" would be classified as Agnostic Atheists because we cannot KNOW that there is no god, but we BELIEVE that there is no god, based on the preponderance of evidence available to us.


It is not possible to prove that there is no god.  Atheism does not make such a claim.  Atheism is not an assertion in and of itself, but simply the opposite position of the assertion that IS made by theists. 


You ask how we could know that there is no god or gods.  We can't KNOW that; it isn't possible.  What we CAN know is that there is absolutely not one shred of evidence to suggest that such a being exists or has ever existed.  Based on this, we BELIEVE that there is no sort of god, even though we can't KNOW this with absolute certainty.  I'm also agnostic with regard to the existence of ghosts, fairies, trolls, unicorns, etc.  I cannot KNOW that such things don't exist, but based on the fact that there is no evidence of these things, I BELIEVE that they do not exist (as do you, probably).


Can you disprove fairies for me?  Of course not, and that's why the burden of proof is ALWAYS on theists, because it is logically impossible to prove a negative (to prove what isn't).

Nobody truly knows, however I wouldn't consider myself an agnostic. To me the key difference between agnostics and atheism is confidence. When someone says "There is no God" what they probably mean is "I don't think there's a God".

When I was an agnostic I felt on the fence when someone asked me the question "Do you believe in God?", all I could do was shrug. Now I can say with confidence that I don't believe in God... etc.

I was explaining the actual meaning of the terms.  The colloquial use of "agnostic" does indeed mean "on the fence" but that is not its correct meaning.  That's just a meaning that's been adapted to suit those who feel as you did (and, indeed, as I once did) about the situation.  I have nothing against the term being used that way, I was just being technical about it :)

after God created the universe, he was all, "Screw you guys, I'm going home."


A good friend of mine likes to say "God created the universe. Then he raw dogged and bailed."

interesting way of putting it, but of course if god did exist he would actually be incapable of "bailing" because he is all-present.  he wouldn't be able to 'hit it and quit it' because he is everywhere, always. 
and obviously this is bullshit, but that is part of the definition of a god.

The Abrahamic god is considered omnipresent by most people. The deist concept of god is not.


Deist God definitely hit it and quit it, possibly in an attempt to dodge child support.



well if a God is not omnipresent, then it is not a god at all. unless you use a strange definition of a god, in that case god could mean "nature" or some sort of quantum fluctuation in the universe. and therefore have none of the attributes of a traditional god what so ever.
Its very simple.  I don't believe that any god exists because I have no proof of it.  Therefore, if I don't believe in any god then I can't be a Deist either.  You see Deism is no different than any other religion out there to me.  Deism still has faith in something that I don't see existing.
“Is it just an emotional reaction.....”

Hello Adam - I am an Atheist because I do not believe there are any gods. There is nothing emotional about it. I do not see any evidence for a god. Some people get emotional about it and believe there is a god because they “feel” or “sense” him (never her). That is where some of the delusion comes from. Deism is still allowing for a supernatural First Cause. There still is no evidence – none whatsoever – so why believe there is?

Atheism is not an extreme. It is not a philosophy. It is only a lack of belief in gods. Just look at what Mormons believe. Mayans believed in blood sacrifices. Some Muslims believe in blowing people up or early Christian believed in stabbing their only son to death. It is religions that create the extremes. Atheism is not the opposite of these beliefs – it is just I don’t believe any of them are correct in the first place. Once again there is no evidence. Emotion is not evidence. Anyway keep going Adam – Doubt is good - you are nearly there.


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