I don't know much about this topic so I'm going to ask it out loud. WHY do we have to wear bras? No, really. Is it just for show or is there some compelling reason why we must? Sometimes I find that I'm much more comfortable without one. I always tend to take mine off after I get home from work and I've tried all the brands to find the "best fit" and I always end up going to some high end seamstress that makes them custom because the store bought options are NOT comfortable IMO.

For any of you ladies who may live in a country where it's NOT necessary to wear a bra I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and insights.

Am I alone in feeling like it's yet another cultural ball and chain we have to lug around with us?

Anyone really really LIKE wearing bras?

MEN: You are welcome to participate in this discussion, all I ask is that you have some class. Thanks!

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According to the 'experts' brassieres as an undergarment do not prevent the onset of sagging breasts. No more than a girdle would keep your waistline from expanding.

Getting older is a humbling experience when standing in front of one's bathroom mirror.

This is the conclusion my research led me to as well. Bras can drastically change your figure and help improve posture but they do nothing to halt the ravages of time and gravity.

Bras, like wearing make up and dressing up nicely, are primary aesthetic choice. This choice is driven by the desire to stay young and attractive.

The question should be why should anyone strive to look younger than they are to be attractive? Or specifically, why would a breast that is less pert than a teenager's be less attractive? This is most likely linked to displaying that you are of fertile age and with many more fertile years ahead. This is a logical primitive instinct that is still prominent in society. 

Luckily, modern civilised people are not restricted only to this type of attraction and consider that many other personal traits have greater value (intelligence, humour, independence, strength, creativity, etc.).

Unfortunately, women are under great pressure, driven by the media to conform to primitive ideals defined by the modern interpretation of desirable body shape. These ideals are not realistic to the majority and cause damage mentally and physically to many.

This. Especially the last paragraph.

Thanks Kairan, I took a bit of time to write that and keep it 100% classy!

RE: "The question should be why should anyone strive to look younger than they are to be attractive?" - because in some cultures, age is revered, in this culture at least, age is penalized.

And the question should be why is that?

I think age gets a lot some respect until you're written off as over the hill (as your knowledge is out of date), but in the world of sex and reproduction it is the female biological clock that dictates. I'm not sure that is different anywhere, see child brides and women on the scrap heap if they are not married by a certain age. Do you have any counter examples?

Well, if I don't wear a bra, my ladies are bouncing all over the place, and they could hurt somebody! Also, yeah, my nipples are hard pretty much all the time, and I don't like it to be obvious.

Boy does this take me back to the 1960's when feminists felt a duty to discard or even burn their bras as a symbol of male or social oppression of women. (BTW, most men would prefer to see braless breasts, so don't lay that one at our door!)

By the 1970's women were wearing bras again, having apparently forgotten their symbolic value.

I anticipate you'll get some very practical reasons for wearing a bra ranging from corralling pendulous boobs to making a relatively unendowed girl appear to gathering up whatever she has into a shape that is more visible.

Women have a relationship to their breasts that is unlike any relationship men have to any part of their bodies. Men are very sensitive about their penises, but breasts are out there for all to assess in a way that penises are not.

Unseen, you may be surprised to find out that there were no bra burnings. Here is the post on Snopes.

According to feminist accounts that I have read, the protesters were denied a permit for a fire. The msm ran with the more sensational idea of the bra burning having actually taken place and the rest is history.

I don't know where Snopes gets his information, but I've seen photos of women throwing bras into burning barrels, from decades before PhotoShop or CGI - that didn't "imprint on the mind," as Snope suggests, it imprinted on my retinas.


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