I'm an atheist but once in a while, I sometimes think perhaps such a beautiful universe was created by an extremely powerful sentient being. Although I usually favor a scientific theory like the big bang rather than "a wizard did it".

So even though i'm an atheist, I don't find it silly at all for people to believe in god. However, even when I do picture god, I do not think of some infinitely powerful being that knows EVERYTHING and is super benevolent. I picture perhaps a sentient being that might have caused the big bang or something else that shaped the universe but not something drastic like lying down laws, judging people or even creating life for that matter.

With that aside, my point is that believing in a creator is not too crazy but believing that hes also a super good being thats here to help our problems sounds like something from a Disney movie. I mean theres nothing to support that God is good at all. Other than providing us with life (parents can be good or bad too despite giving us life), God really has no case for being a good being. In the bible, hes a vengeful monster thats killed an uncountable amount of people, believes in slavery, believes in sexual inequality and gives 0 chances.

Even if I were to neglect that religious texts themselves prove that God is not benevolent, the very idea that something so powerful would use it to aid us as opposed to for his own benefit is too unreal. Not everybody is spider-man and thus we shouldn't expect somebody with so much power to use his power responsibly. If he were using his powers responsibly then he should help us because most of humanity is living in poverty. Is he out of mana? Sure he could be more powerful than us but that doesnt mean he can't lie to us about his power or even his alignment. He could be here just to screw around with us.

We often say that life isn't a fairy tale and that life is in reality quite harsh. Things don't happen like it does in the movies where the good guy always wins. Yet when it comes to reasoning for God, we revert back to fairy telling which is why Im an atheist. If religion only gave the possibility that God could be evil too then that would sound more realistic to me.

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Sounds like deism (as Nelson pointed out). If you like short stories, and want something that plays along these lines: The Last Question by Isaac Asimov and Talking to God... by Harry Stottle.
Deism is less irrational than theism, but not rational enough. Nobody knows what was before the big bang, if indeed there was a 'before'. Which means there are any number of possibilities.

It *could* have been a god. But it could also have been one of these, or something else-

The universe is expanding. It will then shrink to nothing, and emerge in another space/time dimension as that universe's big bang. All of this universe's matter will be transferred to that one.

There are other universes on the other side of black holes. This universe is on the other side of another universe's black hole.

Maybe saying before the big bang is like saying north of the north pole. You can't get beyond that point, yet the north pole still exists.

Scientists are trying to make their own big bangs. It's possible that our universe is the result of a scientist who succeeded in another universe.

A magic invisible haffalit belched and out popped the universe.

So, if someone thinks it's rational to believe that a deistic god started off the big bang, they'd have to admit it's just as rational to believe a mad scientist started off the big bang in his lab. Just as much proof for either.

The answer is - we don't know... yet. I tend to think the deism idea is less credible because in every single gap we used to insert a god (thunder, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc), a natural explanation came to light eventually. Can't ignore that pattern.

Thinking about why a deistic god would start the big bang off makes me wonder too - wanting to create is a rather human emotion. This being had the same feelings as a species that happened to evolve 14 billion years later on a speck of dust - how would a deistic god be anything like us?
Unfortunately, the Oscillating Universe theory seems to have petered out. The most recent observations show that our universe is not only still expanding, but accelerating so that its rate of expansion keeps increasing. This means that it'll never contract into a Big Crunch, and thus into another Big Bang. On the other hand, the continued expansion makes the odds of another brane collision more likely, I suppose..

I recommend picking up Michio Kaku's books Parallel Worlds and Hyperspace for some really good reading on the subject.


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