OK, here's a question from a theist (not my own thoughts) - what do you think?

"Why isn't there room for both God and Science?

The Bible says the Lord said: "Let there be light." and all of this came into existence. Couldn't "Let there be light." be the "Big Bang?".

Scientists believe that man evolved from amoeba that became monkeys and whatever, well, the Bible says God created man from the "dust of the Earth". Couldn't that be the same primordial ooze that scientists say we came from?

Scientists believe man is far older than 6,000 years. The Bible clearly states there were other people before Adam and Eve. Cain was afraid he would be killed if he was put out of the Garden, so God marked him to protect him, also, Cain found a wife and had offspring. Clearly, that means men were around before Adam and Eve. Couldn't the creation story be that of the Jews (which follows their entire lineage from Adam to Noah to Christ) and those outside the garden be the Gentiles?

I mean, this stuff fits.

I don't see how anyone can just say "There is no God." when you have not the tiniest clue as to whether or not is correct. You say: "Prove to me there is a God." I say "Prove to me there isn't.". You can't.

As for Christians, it just doesn't make sense to say man is only 6,000 years old and started with Adam and Eve when clearly the bible states that there were men outside of the Garden. I mean, they've found an 80,000 year old human skeleton.

I believe in God. But, I also believe that Science is just the art of man putting into terms he can understand, what God did to create what we see."

In my opinion, if people must be religious, this is the best type.

How would you reply back to this man?

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True Andries, maar "The Lord of the Rings" or "Harry Potter' is not shoved down our throats as the truth...Of Hoe?
...and the Qu'ran says man was created from 'water'...Surah 25.54. Take your pick!
Anyone with a shred of scientific knowledge knows that man was created from spaghetti sauce, and The Great One™ took one of man's meat balls to create woman.
While I'll agree with the general premise of 'if they must be religious, at least let them be accepting of science'...

People like this are still delusional, and do present there own 'threats.' - When the fundamentalists push to have Creationism/ID replace science when taught in schools, the moderates stand up against that because that is religion replacing science wholesale. But when a middle-grounder both-are-possible type like this pushes to have Creationism/ID taught along with science, many more the religious jump on board to that idea.

In my general experience, this guy has made some huge gains in logic and reason overcoming faith; but he's hit a wall and is still holding onto that shred of faith. The question remains to see if he can overcome that wall and shed more faith? Or will he forever cling to that faith, trapped on that side of the wall?
I am almost coming to the opinion that people like this just believe whatever they are told, whether it be from Science or Religion, as long as they can somehow squeeze it into what they already believe. If that's the case, then he's not critically thinking at all, just trying to fit in with as many people as he can.
This man is wrong, because if there is anything that created the universe, it's not Abraham's god, or Spinoza's god. It's the Flying Spaghetti Monster, with it's infinite powers and the holiness of it's noodly appendage.

They have divine evidence for this: http://www.venganza.org/category/sightings/
I've had it with these people (Religious and Agnostics) who like to use a backfiring argument. "I bet you can't prove he does't exist".

god definitely does not exist.

I'll prove an analogy.

I know ALL of you here do not have in their pockets a pink ball, with a red dot and a blue square drawn in it, and the dot and a square is separated by a green stripe, and when you open that ball, a smoke puffs and Rush Limbaugh will suddenly appear.

Reasonable disclaim of the fantastic.

there is no god that created the universe, or did anything at all = reasonable guessing.

There's more certainty in claiming nothing, that claiming there is something "fantastic".

For the record, modern astrophysicists and cosmologists are beginning to dismiss that a big-bang ever happened at all, or is not the beginning, but it definitely is not a god.

I'd sympathize with him (a little) if he has a god like "Spinoza's", he thinks science is right - I check with that... but he thinks Adam, Eve, Cain, and the fantastical paradise garden Exists?

The Bible clearly states there were other people before Adam and Eve. Cain was afraid he would be killed if he was put out of the Garden, so God marked him to protect him, also, Cain found a wife and had offspring.
he needs to re-read the bible again. Clearly doesn't know the full story. Adam was the uncontested "first one" in the bible. There was however, a person before eve - and was created almost the same time as Adam, according to the scriptures. Her name was Lilith. Read more about her somewhere.
*fumbles in pocket*

"Rush Limbaugh, I choose you!"

*flings poke-ball on the ground*

Bet you didn't know I had one of those, did you?

Gotta catch 'em all!


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