Why isn't a 14 year old girl old enough to consent to sex?

After all, we think a 14 year old should be in control of her body enough to decide on her own to have an abortion, so why isn't she old enough to consent to sex?

I'm thinking about this because of a case that's in the news today:

Kaitlyn Hunt, or “Kate,” has just refused a plea deal in a case that has focused the nation on discriminatory prosecutions and ways in which LGBT people are treated differently by some prosecutors. Kate Hunt, a high school senior who began a consensual relationship with a classmate three years her junior, when she was 17, was arrested when she turned 18 after her girlfriend’s parents demanded her arrest and expulsion from school.

The Florida prosecutor, Brian Workman, offered her a deal vastly different from those generally offered to teens in her situation engaged in opposite-sex consensual relationships. Instead of offering her a misdemeanor charge Hunt is being charged with two felonies. Her plea deal would include her being forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life, no possibility of her case being overturned or records sealed, and forced to serve two years’ house arrest.

“Hunt will appear in court June 20, and could face 15 years in prison if convicted... (source)

I'm curious what your thoughts are on the question in the subject line as well as on this case.

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Hi Tom

"Isn't projection taking something I dislike in myself and laying it on others?"

I think Its more about what we dont acknowledge or own about ourselves. I still find it tricky and dont completely understand it but they say we all do it and its normal.

Heres an example I saw once:

A Marriage Therapist might say to his female client ...

"I'd like you to tell me how you feel about me right now?"

That question might irritate her (which is what those questions are designed to do) and she might respond with ...

"What - I'm not here to play games you know"

(her response reveals that she plays games)

So - because she plays games - she is projecting her behaviour onto the therapist and then he gets a glimpse into how the she operates.

Thinking about projection too much gives me a headache.

I think you stated it well. I first encountered projection (by others, not by me) when, while precinct-walking in the days before an election, I heard people who'd recently moved into more expensive homes noisily attacking people who were living in the neighborhood they had left.

I saw their attacks as intended to prevent their falling back into the socio-economic class they had so recently departed.

At about the same time, the 1980s, gay men I knew were saying the now-deceased Jerry Falwell was attacking gays because he feared his own gay impulses. That's another instance of the projection I understand.

My parents were intensely pragmatic small business folk and I don't remember their projecting anything onto others.


Jerry Falwell was gay for purple Teletubbies


Who isn't?  Tinky Winky had a handbag and got the sack I believe for being too nelly. 



"too nelly" - 


Hi Greg

re: " .... man with a big stick"

Thats just an expression meaning someone that scares them. Not unlike having to face a tribal elder kind of thing.

I dont believe in hitting children - ever. I smacked my son a couple of times when he was little and I had never felt more ridiculous in my life. I thought "look at how big I am and how small he is" and it just felt so wrong that it never happened again. I dont believe in hitting or smacking or threatening or yelling or over-using the word no with children ...

"Its not a bad idea though to scare the bejeezuz out of some bitch by a man wielding a big dick."

You are funny

weird more like

Personally, I think 14 is old enough. Then again, at 14, your hormones pretty much rule your life, so you aren't exactly in a position to make a reasonable decision about sex.

I don't recall EVER being in a position to make a reasonable decision about sex.

Bwahahah.. Lordy, ain't that the truth? 


"Analogies from animals are always risky."

Yes but this is how we know what we know - we experiment with monkeys - we traumatize them and raise them in extremely neglectful environments. Then we make those poor monkeys have a baby and see if it knows what to do. It doesnt know what to do and it neglects it.

"Birds allow the stronger offspring to harass and even kill the weaker siblings, who frequently are shouldered out of the nest. The mother bird turns a blind eye,"

The mother bird turns a blind eye and that harassed baby bird dies. Never to become an adult - ever. Mother bird doesnt keep that baby bird alive so the other sibligs can torture it every day.

"We want children who need us to protect them so we create children who need us to protect them."

No - Children need to be protected - so we need to protect them.

No - Children need to be protected - so we need to protect them.

Of course, but at a rate which can rapidly decrease depending on our expectations of them.Naturally, we can't expect a four year old to be much help hunting rhino, but other cultures show us that children can be useful contributors far sooner than we do. We expect our kids to take on adult responsibilities somewhere in the 18-25 age range. Elsewhere, kids have been productive citizens starting from age 8 or 10 on.


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