i was reading a blog post written by Ericka M. Johnson is reply to a call for atheists all over the world to give some attention to Islam "Dear atheist, we ex-Muslims are waiting for you"

She has summarized why Islam is a consummation of all the worst that religion has to offer:

  • Cult-like isolation from other world views means generation after generation is born into ignorance.
  • Circumcision of boys and girls because healthy children aren’t born perfect; they must have a knife taken to their genitals.
  • Leaving the faith means death. Apostasy is considered one of the worst crimes.
  • Treating women as sub-human pieces of property that must be beaten into obedience means at least half the population is silenced before they can speak.
  • Personalized angel duo watches you at every moment, keeping a tally of all the good and bad you do so that you can be judged when you die.
  • Reward of heaven is used as an incentive to kill and maim innocent people.
  • Unyielding dogma leaves no room for thoughtful criticism nor humor.
  • Islam means Submission. They want to be slaves to their god; it’s right there in the name.

it was very well written and thought i might share it here.

However i don't agree that we should be waiting for atheist from all over the world to fight our war while we wait and see .. i think we have more responsibilities as we know more of that religion and know the mentality deriving it .. we know exactly where it hurts.

it's our responsibility to speak out, criticize and question that religion.

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Marvel, what would you suggest that can be done?

I like Arch's idea of boycotting. Is there anything in particular that you can think of in the west here or Atheists as a whole can do?

Islam needs an enlightenment from within. It is the only way forward.

But how does one do that, LL, from within a system that tolerates no opposition or confrontation?

Logicallunatic - yes, it's here to stay. 

My theory is so universal that anyone can understand it and it can integrate seamlessly into the core of any major religion.  The first part is based on the evolution of all living things and the second part is based on the evolution of humans.  All it really does is make the existing moral/spiritual framework of the religions crystal clear.  Everything in it has already been said by the Prophet Mohammed, Jesus etc. so this is a huge advantage.  

Convincing people is another matter.  

There's no getting around the fact that it's Western in origin and based on evolution.  As I understand it, mainstream Islam has a tradition of venerating science, but Richard Dawkins has hardened the hearts of many Muslims against evolution, which is unfortunate.  

I think I will need to formulate a version of the arguments without invoking evolution, but that's OK.  It's satisfying for the science-heads but I hope that most people won't need to use it.  

Look at me, I'm not your average Westerner.  I don't know if this will make a difference.  I have heard that Sufis can have a hard time in some places.  

I have worked out this as a first page

Well, I believe the Power of Paul Bunyon is real and not to be dismissed. If you dismiss it, you are a fool.

 Tonight after getting off work I decided to do a little research on the topic at hand. While I'm still carefully thinking over possible solutions I thought I'd learn a bit more about islam.

 I ran across this page. It seems informative but I haven't had time to cross reference all its content. Please don't hold me accountable if this is off. Some seems legit but for the things that I am hearing about for the first time I have nothing to compare.


Jared, I don't know what you saw there, but from all indications, including the Headline, it must have been good, however when I tried to play it, the screen stayed black and nothing played or was even visible, so I clicked on the YouTube link and got this:

"This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement."


    Amazing how criticisms of Islam tend to disappear - sometimes I think this country takes "Political Correctness" to too great an extreme.

    If enough people get together and click the button that indicates a page is offensive, they'll take it off, regardless of whether or not the claim is justified, and I would bet that was exactly what was done.


However, I would invite any interested to visit this link, which was tied in to the video (but doesn't feature it), which is also a condemnation of Islam, and begins with:

       "To those who profess the 'Religion of Islam', this site will seem offensive, untruthful, hatemongering, one sided and unfair."


This guy is one of US!

I have introduced myself to the owner and author of the website and invited him to join us. Of course this was done by email, and it's quite late at night, so we will just have to wait and see if he accepts.

Based on just a first glance, the operator of inthenameofallah.org may turn out to be a Christian apologist. We'll see.

I'm not seeing that - maybe you should glance again.


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