Why is there an 800 pound Gorilla on the Moon that NASA refuses to address? To date, no success at getting NASA to release theses images without the airbrushing. To date, NASA refuses to comment. What is going on?
The freedom of information act, does not work if it is deem a matter of national security. What is threatening about structures lost in time.

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Okay... I have no idea how authentic these are but we have telescopes powerful enough to see things on the moon's surface. If nasa can photoshop images then so can anyone else.

These photos are from the Clementine mission and are available on the NASA site.

They are also available on thousands of telescopes the world over. You could look with Google Moon if you like. You can look at the Full Moon Atlas. There is no need for testimony or aguy trying to recreate a 30 year old memory. This is all verifiable, today. . 

One of two symptoms must be present for a diagnosis of schizophrenia: either hallucinations or delusions, this video has both.

Your science is not objective. Non-objectivity is the moral equivalent of  witch ignorance.

Whereas, we wait for NASA to comment or release the un-photoshop  images such that science can make a determination

Instead of waiting for NASA... look for yourself. You can easily get your hands on a telescope powerful enough to see the Moon in great detail. Get yourself a telescope and look for them on the night of a full moon. If the structures are there, you should be able to see them... unphotoshopped.

The problem Skycomet, is that the pictures are from the far side of the Moon.

yes, aliens would never set up bases on the earth side of the moon!

Wow. It is really depressing to find this sort of irrational conspiracy nonsense being promoted here on Think Atheist. If you have meaningful evidence, please present it. Until such time, these sorts of mindlessly stupid videos serve only to illuminate the sort of uncritical gullibility we ought to be inoculating ourselves against.



Be depressed, however you can't utilized failed logic.

The only claim is that NASA will not engage the public on these images.

However you are making a claim that this is nonsense. You are now burdened with proving your point.  There are former NASA employes that just want an explanation from NASA on these Clementine images, nothing else. 

You claim uncritical gullibility. Once again you are burdened with proving your claim.

Until NASA comments or releases the images you are merely voicing your unwarranted nonobjective  prejudice and bias. Let not skepticism become an  irrational religion.

Don't worry. Michael isn't an atheist. He's am Xtian troll who tries to stir up the pot here. Don't expect rationality or meaningful evidence from this guy.

Parden me but your flabby shirtless form is more troll like, LOL


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