Why is there an 800 pound Gorilla on the Moon that NASA refuses to address? To date, no success at getting NASA to release theses images without the airbrushing. To date, NASA refuses to comment. What is going on?
The freedom of information act, does not work if it is deem a matter of national security. What is threatening about structures lost in time.

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wtf? This is a joke right? Your joking.




The people speaking are dead serious former NASA employees.

The pictures are from the Clementine mission. All photos are available at the NASA site.

I will never cease to be amazed at the vast array of nothing that people can find to make into something.

Apophenia: (n) - Seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random or meaningless data.

Our brains are hard-wired to do this. I understand. But please, stop doing it all over the Internet.

It is disturbing that often times it is atheists that are making such illogical claims/conspiracy theories, etc. It's embarrassing. Atheists are supposed to be rational and these people often times are more irrational than religious people.

You as Galen are making a claim. Your claim is that it is illogical. to make this claim you are burdened with proving it. You just can't arm wave and walk away.

My only claim is that NASA is unresponsive and I ask the question why?


Unfortunately, your stagecoach has preceded the horses. Try again

Michael... rule 1 of science: Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence. The skeptic is not the one who has to provide proof. From what I have gathered you are making the claim that:

NASA is hiding crucial information from the public.


This is an extraordinary claim... therefore, if we are to believe you you have to provide "extraordinary evidence." For an example of a confirmed extraordinary claim and how it provided the necessary extraordinary evidence... look at the Theory of Plate Tectonics. See here: Plate Tectonics Information The idea, when it was first proposed as a hypothesis was so extraordinary as to seem ridiculous, but the geological scientists provided the extraordinary evidence to confirm that claim through paleomagnetism, the study of fault lines and deep ocean sea-floor rifts, through seismic imaging techniques, through the evidence within the stratus arrangement of fossils, etc.

If you make a hypothesis that seems "out-there" it is your job to provide the proof, as the Plate Tectonics advocates did. When sufficient proof is there, your idea will be accepted as truth.

No my claim is that NASA is unresponsive. The evidence by claimants that NASA does not respond to FOIA requests is address in an excerpt on page 6 of this thread

Unfortunately Sassan, not all people are atheists for logical reasons. There are some atheists that disbelieve in god for emotional reasons rather than a healthy dose of skepticism. The so-called "strong" [hate that word!] atheists... like most of us on TA, are just skeptics of all supernatural claims. We have a healthy dose of "show me the proof." 

You claim to have determined that this data is meaningless. How?

Your only retort is that the burden of proof is on the claimer.

You can not claim a disproof without also incurring a likewise burden.

Be skeptical, but do it correctly.

Kinda like the whole "face on mars" thing, huh?

Wow. NASA has been hiding craters on the moon! I demand an explanation!! lol.

Everyone knows there is a race of Menehunes on the moon building these structures. It says so in one of the lost books of the Bible.


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