What is NASA hiding on these official photos (see caption at top of the pictures)

These and other massive structures have been airbrushed or simply not addressed.

The earth's history may be more fantastic than presumed by evolutionist. There may be 

evidence of advance civilizations existing on earth from it's inception billions of years ago.

What are the scientific and religious implications. Recent findings have shown that the 

earth was covered with water and had tectonic plates much earlier than previously thought.

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Yeah, we explored the depths, alright!
I think that's sufficient evidence to warrant a full scale invasion.
Hell Yeah! Let's bomb the moon again!
Watch Jose Camilla's Moon Rising series on Youtube and you will get the inside scoop.

These guys are not scientist they don't prove the case but they offer a compelling presentation.
That's a big dude!
I wonder what the womenfolk look like?
Now that was a cool video!

As far as other genders go, I'm not sure what else I can do with my junk, so I think the limitations are on my biology as well as imagination! Stick it in something. That's about it.
He may be non-baryonic like dark matter. the problem is that when you go non-baryonic you get giggles from your peers. We are such an incredulous bunch of people such that we must make the whole universe in our on image.
Save E.T.! Save E.T.!
hahaha, and every conspiracy nut knows Kubrik helped fake the moon landings.


Kris Feenstra said:
Rosemary's Baby? I see, so it all comes back to Roman Polanski (that fiend!). I bet he's behind this whole moon tower cover up too. Finally, this thread is starting to make some sense to me.


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